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15 of the Best Baby Shower Game Prizes Your Guests Will Love

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Giving away prizes at your baby shower is a great way to keep the party going and get guests involved. Finding good prizes that are both fun and useful can be tricky, though. 

We’ve put together this list of the best baby shower game prizes for you so that you don’t have to waste time searching for them on your own!

These gifts will appeal to all of your guests while also being practical enough so they won’t just end up in a closet somewhere.

In this post, we’ll go over our tips for picking the best baby shower prizes that your guests will love and our favorite picks.

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What is a Baby Shower Game Prize?

A baby shower game prize is a prize that you award the winner (or winners) of a game. You don’t have to have a prize, but prizes do make the baby shower games more fun and exciting!

Do I Need to Have Shower Games and Prizes?

Baby shower games and prizes are completely optional but are a fun way to include guests in the party. Having games and prizes at your baby shower can help encourage participation among those who don’t like to get too out there or are perhaps just shy, which is totally okay!

They’re also a great way to get guests to mix and mingle during the party.

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How Many Baby Shower Game Prizes to Have

How many prizes you have is up to you! You could have a prize for every game, or have a big prize for the winner and smaller prizes for participants.

Or you could choose not to have any prizes at all. There really are not set rules on the right amount of prizes to have.

Tips for Choosing Prizes

Here are a few of our top tips for choosing which baby shower prize to give out:

Pick Something Everyone Will Like – You know your guests best so choose a gift you know a majority of the guests will like.

Have Fun With It – You can have fun with your prizes by personalizing them in some way. This is a fun way for guests to also remember your baby shower

Pick Your Prize Range – Figure out how much money you’re willing to spend on shower prizes then choose a prize that fits into your budget.

Stick to Your Theme…or Not! – If you have a themed baby shower, you can stick to your baby shower theme for prizes…or not.

For example, if you have a nautical-themed baby shower, you could give out prizes like a beach day gift basket.

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Best Baby Shower Game Prizes

Here are our top picks for baby shower game prizes.

Gift Baskets

Here are some of our favorite gift basket ideas:

Beach Day – fill a beach bag with things you’d need for a beach day like a tumbler, cute flip flops, towel, and snacks.

If you live near a popular beach destination, you could also add in some gift cards to popular restaurants or attractions at the beach!

Spa Gift Basket – Fill a wicker basket with everything you’d need to pamper yourself! Include things like lotions, soaps, scented candles, masks, and more to give the winner the ultimate spa day at home.

Movie Night Gift Basket – Fill this basket with snacks and treats you’d find at a movie theater.

You could also include copies of your favorite movies or passes to a local movie theater or Netflix gift card.

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Manicure Sets

Manicure sets are an easy and inexpensive DIY baby shower game prize you can make for your guests.

Your set could include cotton balls, nail polish remover, nail file, and other various manicure tools to make the winner’s prize even better!

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Custom Glassware

Custom glassware is always a cute idea for a baby shower! You could get custom wine glasses like these with your baby shower date and give them away as prizes.

To make the display even cuter, you could fill them with little candies, treats, or even mini bottles of wine.

A few more of our favorite glassware:



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Gift Cards

Gift cards are an easy prize that’s always super popular. You could give away gift cards to popular stores, restaurants, or even local attractions. A few of our favorite gift card prizes:









Bottles of Wine

Bottles of wine (or beer or spirit) are another hit prize with guests. You could personalize the label with your baby shower date or the baby’s name. You can shop for personalized wine glasses to match!

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a cute prize that everyone will love. You could give a coffee mug by itself, or you could personalize it with your baby shower details.

You could also fill it with small treats, snacks, coffee pods or even a gift card to make it more into a gift basket.

Cookie Mix in a Jar

Cookie mix in a jar gift baskets are cute baby shower game prizes that guests can literally “take home and bake”. It’s a great way to make something edible into your prize and it can be personalized as well.

They’re an easy gift you can make too!

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Tumblers are a great prize for giveaways at any party! You can personalize them with your baby shower date or details.

You could also fill them up with little snacks or treats (or even little bottles of liquor or wine) to make them into mini gift baskets.

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One of our favorite baby shower game prizes is a small potted plant or succulent.

There are so many cute varieties that will go perfectly with your decor, and they’re an easy DIY gift to make yourself.

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Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets are always a hit prize with guests! You could give away a few different types of tickets – scratch-off, cash value, local play, etc.

You could also give larger bundles with multiple tickets.

Sangria Kit

Sangria kits are a fun prize you can give away as your baby shower game prizes. Wine, fruit, and pitcher – the winner can have their own sangria party at home!

You could also do this in a cocktail kit, margarita kit, etc.

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Baked Goods

Baked goods are another easy DIY baby shower game prize you can make yourself.

You could use simple items that everyone will love – like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or even cupcakes and give them away as your prize. It’s also a super affordable option too!

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately the best baby shower prize you can give guests is the one you know your guests will love the most.

We hope these tips and ideas will help you make

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