How to Play Baby Shower Emoji Game and Free Printable

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If you’re searching for a fun and engaging game that will have baby shower guests laughing and chatting, we’ve got just the thing! The Baby Shower Emoji Game combines the cuteness of emojis with the excitement of a guessing game – it’s a modern twist on a word scramble or a game of Pictionary! 

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Whether you (or your guests) prefer more active baby shower games or something more low-key, The Baby Shower Emoji Game can be a great addition to the celebration because it will start conversations amongst everyone. 

This guide has everything you need to know about playing the Baby Shower Emoji Game, from the supplies required to pro tips for prizes. We’ve even got a free printable to download and use at your shower! 

Ready to add a splash of whimsy and laughter to the day? Let’s get started!

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What is the Baby Shower Emoji Game?

The Baby Shower Emoji Game is a light-hearted and fun way to entertain guests but may cater more to the younger crowd as they flex their emoji interpretation skills. 

It involves a set of emojis that represent popular baby-related phrases. Guests must use their emoji-translating skills to decipher adorable puzzles, which can lead to many laughs. 

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While the Emoji Game is generally all-inclusive, remember that this may be a game that may not be the best match for older guests. If that’s the case, here are a few solutions to help grandma or auntie feel included: consider pairing them up with other guests who can help guess or provide a different version of the game for them to play (like a regular word scramble). 

Of course, they might simply opt not to participate, and that’s okay too; they’re sure to still get a laugh as the answers are revealed. 

Supplies Needed

Luckily, you won’t need a bunch of supplies for this game; the setup is extremely simple. 

Here’s everything you’ll need to play the Baby Shower Emoji Game:

  • Printed Baby Shower Emoji Game Sheets (Check out the printable below!)
  • Pens or pencils for each guest
  • A Prize for the winner (because who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?)

How to Play

As simple as it is to prepare, it’s equally as simple to play!

  • Pass out the Baby Shower Emoji Game sheets to each guest, along with pens or pencils, crayons, or something to write with. 
  • If you want everyone to play simultaneously, set a timer for a reasonable amount of time, say 10-15 minutes, depending on the number of emojis on the sheet. 

    Note: Each sheet will have various emojis with a line. Guests must guess what word the emojis depict and write it next to the image. Depending on the version of the game, it could be a theme like nursery rhymes, baby-related words or phrases, etc. 
  • Have your guests interpret the emojis and write their best guesses on the sheet. 
  • Once the timer goes off, collect the sheets and reveal the correct answers. 
  • Award a prize to the guest with the most correct answers (or the most creative answers – some of these can be tricky!) One point for every correct answer, and no filling in the blanks as the answers are revealed!
  • Cue the applause!

Alternatively, if you have a shyer crowd, set each sheet at a tablespace for when the guests arrive. This way, guests can play at their leisure and casually converse with the people around them while waiting for others to arrive. 

If you do that, you risk not having full participation in the game, but hey, that’s what prizes are for, right? Below is a list of prize ideas that may help encourage guests to play. 

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In the event of a tie, ask a tie-breaking question that is baby shower-themed or a question about mom/dad to test guests’ knowledge!

Here are a few tie-breaker questions, in case you need them:

  • How many bones do babies have when they’re born? (300)
  • What’s the world record weight for the heaviest baby? (22 lbs, 8oz) 
  • What is the most popular baby shower gift? (Diapers)

Prize Ideas

Let’s talk prizes! The chance to win a prize can be a great way to encourage guests to play games. 

If you want to keep it simple and budget-friendly, opt for scented candles, cute baby-themed keychains, or a small potted plant. 

If you’re looking to up the ante a little and want to offer something a little more upscale, consider putting together a small gift basket, a bottle of wine, or lottery tickets. 

For more inspiration, check out Pampers’ recommendations for prize ideas or our list of the best baby shower prizes.  

Tips and Tricks

If you’re wondering whether this game can be played virtually, the answer is yes! Host a virtual baby shower and share the Emoji Game sheets digitally. 

Guests can fill out the cards on their phone or device, and you can reveal the answers in your Zoom Room. It’s a fantastic way to include friends and family from far away in the celebration. 

Free Baby Shower Emoji Printable

As promised, here’s the Baby Shower Emoji Game printable!

Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Game Answers
Photo Credit: Everything Baby Showers
emoji baby shower game answers
Photo Credit: Everything Baby Showers

Instructions: Download the free printable here, print it out for the baby shower, or plan to use it for a virtual shower. Let the fun begin!

More Popular Baby Shower Games

Are you looking for more baby shower game ideas? I’ve got you covered! Whether you want to include the whole party, you want a game “just for the boys,” or you’re looking for ways to spice up your virtual shower, check out these additional games for some extra inspiration!

For something that can easily bring out the competitor in any guest, try playing the “Don’t Say Baby” game. Guests must try not to use the word “baby” during the shower; if they do, they get a mark. The guest with the lowest number of marks at the end of the shower wins a prize! 

Let’s not forget to include games for the fellas! For the Jack & Jill style showers, check out these baby shower games for men. This list has everything from ‘bobbing for nipples’ to ‘prepping the dad jokes’ and will have all the men in the room laughing. 

If you’re planning a virtual baby shower, you’ll want a way to engage with guests and spark some fun conversations. Maybe you also include a round of Baby Bingo or have each guess offer their predictions for the baby

At a recent sprinkle I attended, the hosts had created a large calendar for the month the baby was due. Guests could then write their guesses for when the baby will be born, how much she will weigh, and at what time. This was also fun to look back on after the baby was born – some of our guesses were way off!

Emojis, Laughter, and Memories – oh my!

Entertaining guests during a baby shower can be a delicate balance; some guests prefer to play more engaging games, while others prefer to sit back and observe. Choosing the right baby shower games and activities can be tricky because we want to be inclusive of everyone as much as possible.

The Baby Shower Emoji Game is an easy way to sprinkle fun and laughter into your upcoming baby shower. With its easy setup and minimal supplies needed, this is a stress-free addition to the party and can be fun for all ages (so long as they’re emoji-savvy). 

Whether you’re hosting an in-person celebration or connecting with loved ones virtually, the Baby Shower Emoji game will be a versatile and entertaining addition to your party.  

Now that you’ve got the free printable, you’re ready to go! Happy planning, and may your baby shower be filled with joy, laughter, and memorable moments!

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