The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Virtual Baby Shower

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The internet has made life easier for friends and families who live in different parts of the world. With a virtual baby shower, you can still spend time with your loved ones in person while avoiding any risks that go along with in-person contact.

You don’t have to travel across the country or even cross-town to celebrate this special occasion with family and friends. A virtual baby shower will allow you to connect with guests from all over the world and it’s simple to do!

In this blog post, we’ll go over how to host a virtual baby shower that all guests will love!

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What is a Virtual Baby Shower?

Let’s start with the basics: what is a virtual baby shower?

It involves all of the same fun, excitement, and belly laughs as an in-person celebration.

The only difference is that it’s happening online rather than in person. That means guests are connected via computer to share their love, celebrate the new life growing inside the mother-to-be, and shower her with well wishes and gifts.

How is a Virtual Baby Shower Done?

A virtual baby shower is usually set up through a private video chat.

In most cases, it will be done on a popular site such as Skype or Zoom so guests can connect with the expectant mother and her family from their own homes.

These days, hostesses are more likely to stream live video of the event rather than uploading a recorded version, as that allows the event to be shared in real-time. This allows guests to interact and feel like they’re attending a baby shower in person.

Who Hosts?

Typically, a friend or family member will host the virtual baby shower but occasionally the mother-to-be will be the hostess. The nice thing about virtual baby showers is that the hostess can do the job from anywhere since it’s all virtual!

Whichever arrangement you determine, plan out everything ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page.

Who Attends?

As there is no physical location for the event, there usually aren’t any limits on who or how many people to invite.

Guests will likely include family members, friends, co-workers, and other loved ones.


Virtual baby showers can also be very budget-friendly since they don’t require all the same decorations, venue rentals, food, and drinks as person showers. However, you should keep in mind there may be a few non-traditional expenses like live stream subscription fees that might pop up.

Tech for Baby Shower

There are a lot of online tools available to help you set up your virtual baby shower, and each has their advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few of our favorites:


Zoom is a free video chat service that allows you to host up to 100 guests for 40 minutes. The nice thing about Zoom is that it can be accessed through an app or a website, so guests don’t need to download any special software. We’ve found that Zoom is the easiest to get set up and most guests are familiar with it and we like that meetings are password protected. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you have a free account, you’ll only be able to use the meeting room for 40 minutes before it will disconnect. If you have a paid version of Zoom, you’ll have an unlimited amount of time.


Skype is a similar service to Zoom, but they limit the meeting to only 50 guests.


Facebook is a great option since it’s free and available anywhere on any device. The only downside of using Facebook is that there are no restrictions on guests, so if you have a large group (over 50), the video chat feed will be spaced every 10 seconds. We like to avoid this by hosting Facebook parties at different times and sending out


The most important piece of equipment you’ll need for a virtual shower is a computer, tablet or phone with a camera. Make sure you test it out before the day of the shower so you know how everything will work!

Virtual Baby Shower Invitations

The easiest way to invite guests is through an event on social media or through e-mail since you’ll be able to provide guests with links on how to join the virtual party.

If you do want to send out formal invitations, there are plenty of cute options available on Etsy !

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Virtual Baby Shower Decorations

We love having baby shower decorations at virtual showers because it sets the mood and makes the party feel festive!

Here are a few of our go-to decorations:


Balloons can help to personalize your video chat experience by adding a splash of color and a fun element to the event. We recommend helium balloons or air fill balloons so they float in front of the camera. A balloon arch would also be fun!


Streamers add to the party atmosphere and can be hung in different places. For example, you could wrap them around your monitor or make a garland by draping it over the edge of your desk.


Backdrops come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can find them at most party supply stores or on Etsy. For example, we like using this neutral backdrop because it’s unisex and doesn’t clash with any color scheme.

If you’re using a streaming service like Zoom, you actually might not even need a backdrop because they have virtual options!


Flowers are a nice touch because they add to the visual appeal and can be placed in different spots. One way to use them is by hanging smaller flowers off balloons or stringing them along your monitor. To really dress it up, you can also create flower garlands for your backdrop!

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Best Games for a Virtual Shower

What’s a party without some games? Here are a few of our favorite baby shower games that are perfect for a virtual shower.

Baby Jeopardy

Baby Shower Jeopardy is a fun virtual game that’s perfect for a shower! Similar to the TV show, this is a game of trivia that tests both the guest’s knowledge and how well they know the parents-to-be. We love this Baby Jeopardy Powerpoint game on Etsy.

Baby Shower Answer Battle

Family Feud for Baby Showers! This is a super fun game where you have teams competing to try to get the most points. This can be a great ice breaker and a way for everyone to get to know each other throughout the shower. You can make your own version or buy a template like this one on Etsy.

Baby Scavenger Hunt

A baby scavenger hunt is a fun game you can play either in person or virtually. To do this virtually, share a screen with items guests should find. Give guests an amount of time to search their house for the items and the person (or team) that finds the most items in the allotted time wins

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Do You Open Gifts?

If you’re hosting an in-person shower, it’s tradition to open gifts either after the party is over or during a designated time. But what about virtual baby showers?

Gifts can be a part of virtual baby showers. Guests should send baby shower gifts to the mother-to-be ahead of time so she can open them on the video stream.

Example Virtual Baby Shower Schedule

Here’s an example schedule for a virtual baby shower:

2-2:10: Welcome from the hostess and parents-to-be, talk about what guests should expect and the schedule

2:10-2:30: Game

2:30 – 2:50: Gift Opening

2:50 – 3: Final Game and Goodbyes

We like to keep virtual parties to about an hour so guests don’t feel overwhelmed or tired. However, you can adjust as needed! Also, keep in mind your streaming services time limit when planning your schedule.

Can I Do a Hybrid Party?

If you have friends and family that want to attend an in-person shower, you could think about throwing a hybrid virtual baby shower where some guests are in person and some are virtual. This can be the best of both worlds!

To do a hybrid baby shower, we recommend planning it like a regular baby shower and providing virtual guests with a time to log into the meeting, usually around when you want to begin to open gifts.

Tips and Tricks for a Virtual Baby Shower

Here are some tips to help plan a successful virtual baby shower!

Send out invitiations a few weeks out – You want to make sure guests have enough time to send gifts and plan to attend the shower. We recommend sending out invitations (either in the mail or a digital invite, like a Facebook event) about a month before the event date.

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment – When planning out your space, make sure you have things set up for video chat. You’ll want to have enough seating for people in front of your computer/device and you might need more lighting if it’s dark. We recommend wearing a bright color so you can be seen.

Schedule your games – You’ll want to outline how many people are allowed on your video chat, usually 6-10 guests is good depending on the size of your screen. With the layout of your space in mind, set out some time for games. Also consider playing games in teams.

Test Out Internet Connection and Video Streaming – You want to make sure that everything is working by testing your internet connection with a friend and also trying out different speeds (it might be better if everyone has the lowest video setting). Also make sure you can log into your streaming account and know how to

Consider adding decorations or backdrops – Brightly colored balloons can help keep the mood light and flowers on your screen or in your house will add some color to the space. You can also do a virtual backdrop to make it more festive!

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Virtual Baby Shower Checklist:

  • Invite friends and family to the virtual baby shower
  • Plan a schedule of events
  • Setup and test your camera(s) – you want to make sure they’re working before the party!
  • Test out any games you’ll be playing
  • Decorate and set up your backdrop and/or office space
  • Party Time!
  • Send Out Thank Yous

Final Thoughts

With a virtual baby shower, you can still spend time with your loved ones in person while avoiding any risks that go along with in-person contact.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the comfort of your guests; make sure you stream something that will be fun for everyone involved!

Have you thrown a virtual baby shower? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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