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How to Play Baby Word Scramble

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A baby shower is a fun event for friends and family where you can celebrate the mom-to-be. One of our favorite things to do at baby shower is play games! One game that’s always a hit with guests is baby word scramble!

In this blog post, we will share with you everything you need to know about playing baby word scramble. I will also give you a few word ideas that you can scramble and tips to make this game even more fun!

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What is baby word scramble?

A baby word scramble is a twist on the classic word scramble game. A word scramble is a puzzle where you have words jumbled together and need to rearrange them so that they go in the right order and spell out a word. A baby word scramble features words that relate to a baby, baby shower, pregnancy and anything else related.

This is a classic game idea to have fun with all the guests. All the participants will be racing to see who can unscramble the words faster. This is a game that can be played either at an in person baby shower or a virtual baby shower.

Supplies Needed

For the baby word scramble game, all you need is:

  • Scrambled word list (You can create a list of your own or buy a ready-made printable list)
  • Copy of scrambled word list for every participant
  • Pens or pencils for every participant
  • The prize for the winner (if any)

How to play baby word scramble?

Here’s how you can play the baby word scramble game.

  • The host will create a list of 10-20 baby-related words. The best words are those that are baby or pregnancy related.
  • The host will mix up the spelling of each word (scramble it) and list them along with a space to write the correct word. The list will be printed or copied for each participant. (Make sure to have some extra copies).
  • The host will announce the rules first and hand over a copy of the scrambled word sheet and a pen to each participant.
  • No one will be allowed to look at the words before the announcement.
  • Upon the announcement to start the game, everyone will start the game. The participants will unscramble all the words.
  • The winner will be the person who finds and writes all the correct words before everyone.
  • Then the mom-to-be can reward the winner.

How to play baby word scramble at a virtual baby shower?

You can also play the baby word scramble game virtually. The guests will participate via an online platform such as zoom. 

The host will send a printable copy to everyone. Each participant will print it and wait for the announcement to begin the game.

Upon the announcement, the participants will start writing. The person who will finish first will stop everyone from writing more. 

The winner must show the paper through a camera or share a picture via chat. 

In the end, the mom-to-be will give the prize to the winner. 

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How to make this game more fun-filled and exciting?

Here are a few ideas to make the game more exciting.

Set up a timer

Instead of allowing everyone to finish, you can set up a timer. Say, for two minutes. Everyone will write for the set time. When the time is over, everyone will stop writing. 

The host will collect all the sheets and count the words. The winner will be the person who wrote the most correct words. 

And if someone finished before the timer, they will be the winner. 

Add some wrong words too

You can also add a few wrong words. It is good to announce that the scrambles words contain incorrect words. 

The participant will put a “cross” in front of the wrong words. 

Everyone will stay silent

You can also add up a rule that everyone will stay silent. Whoever talks or laughs will be out of the game. 

Hide the gender announcement or baby’s name in the scrambled words

It can be a lot of fun. Pair this idea with the idea of remaining silent. 

Scramble the baby’s gender or name (whatever you would like to disclose through the game). 

Let every participant guess. No one will have any idea that there is a special announcement in the game.  You will enjoy seeing everyone being surprised one by one.

The person who loses will do something for everyone

In the end, the person who wrote the least number of correct words will do something for everyone, just like cooking something special. 

Prize Ideas

Something that makes the baby word scramble game even more fun is giving out a prize to winners! Here are a few prize ideas for the winner of your game:

  • Amazon gift card
  • Restaurant gift card
  • A gift basket
  • A box of candies

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List of 70 baby words that you can scramble and include in the list:

Here’s the list of 70 of our favorite baby-related words that you can scramble to play the game. 

  1. Baby
  2. Baby blankets
  3. Baby gates
  4. Baby monitor
  5. Baby shampoo
  6. Baby soap
  7. Baby thermometer
  8. Bassinet
  9. Bibs
  10. Booties
  11. Bottles
  12. Bouncer
  13. Breastfeeding
  14. Car seat
  15. Carrier
  16. Changing table
  17. Comforter
  18. Co-sleeper
  19. Cotton nappies
  20. Cradle
  21. Cream
  22. Crib
  23. Crib sheets
  24. Crib mattress
  25. Diapers
  26. Diaper bag
  27. Doll
  28. Formula milk
  29. Gripe water
  30. Gum soother
  31. High chair
  32. Humidifier
  33. Infant
  34. Leggings 
  35. leg warmers
  36. Lotion
  37. Milk
  38. Nail clipper
  39. Newborn
  40. Nursery
  41. Nursery light
  42. Nursing pillow
  43. Ointment
  44. Pajamas
  45. Playmat
  46. Powder
  47. Quilts
  48. Rash cream
  49. Rocking chair
  50. Romper
  51. Sippy cups
  52. Sleepsack
  53. Sling
  54. Socks
  55. Soft hairbrush
  56. Sterilizers
  57. Stroller
  58. Swaddle
  59. Sweater
  60. Swing
  61. Teddy bear
  62. Toothbrush
  63. Towels
  64. Toy
  65. Undershirts
  66. Walker
  67. Warmers
  68. Wash clothes
  69. White noise
  70. Wipes

If you want to make your own scramble with any of these words, we love to use this free word scramble generator. All you need to do is type in the words and the generator will scramble them all for you!

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a fun game for your baby shower, baby word scramble is a great choice. This is a fun game that can be played at both an in person shower and at a virtual baby shower. It is easy and you can play it with as many people as you would like.