How to Throw a Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower

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A dinosaur baby shower can be the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a rawr-reffic adorable bundle of joy. Suitable for boys, girls, or surprise births, there’s nothing cuter than a baby dinosaur theme. 

Skip the terror of Jurassic Park dinosaurs and go for nursery-sweetness with cartoonish images and light colors. Come along for the journey as we lay out the steps you need to host a successful and memorable dinosaur-themed baby shower. You’ll be the celebrity star of your Pinterest followers. Ready, set, rawr!

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What is a Dinosaur Baby Shower?

A dinosaur-themed baby shower is a lesser-used choice. But that can be a great option if you want a baby shower theme that isn’t overdone.

Luckily, there are still plenty of suppliers that understand the value of all markets. So, let’s look at all the different resources available to mama-Saurus for celebrating your dino-baby-to-be.

How to Throw a Dinosaur Baby Shower?

When deciding on a dinosaur baby shower, you can focus on a single dinosaur species, several types, or skip the dinos and go for dino eggs.

Pinterest is an excellent place to get inspiration for how you want to base your dinosaur shower. You can find plenty of tutorials about how to make dino crafts for your shower. Even better, pick ones you can use as decor in the nursery for keepsakes. 

How cute is this wooden sign you can use to greet your guests, announce the baby’s name, and put it into the nursery afterward?

baby shower planner images

You can’t have a baby shower without guests. Planning your guest list can help you with the rest of your planning. Knowing how many people will be coming to your party is important for every future step of your planning. 

You’ll need to know how much food, invitations, space, decorations, and party favors to have, plus a few extras for backup. You don’t want to run out of anything and leave some guests out of the celebration. 

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Once you plan your baby shower theme, save time and money with bundles in your chosen idea. A bundle usually includes invites, thank you cards, and party games. 

But they can sometimes also include greeting posters, food labels, and signs. Check out these dino packages:

Want to save the most time and have your design match throughout your decor? Think big, like a massive bundle like this. This kit includes invites, games, banners, cake toppers, background, thank you cards, raffles, and party favors – all dino themed.

Baby Shower Schedule

A dinosaur baby shower can be as simple or detailed as the host prefers. Most people don’t have a long, detailed schedule that they send out to their guests with the invite.

But having a schedule in place can be useful for ensuring you have planned enough time to get to all the activities you want to include in your baby shower. 

You’ll also want a rough idea of how long you’ll need to complete your party so you know what time frame to put on your invitations.

Most baby showers last from one to a few hours. A simple, casual affair may be an hour to 90 minutes, which gives plenty of time for finger foods, gifts, and games. 

A more involved party can go on for several hours, including music and dancing, serving a full meal, toasts to the mom-to-be (or parents-to-be for co-ed parties), photos, and other activities. 

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Theme Ideas

If you’re hosting a dinosaur baby shower, you already have your main theme. Now, it’s time to decide how you want to incorporate your dinosaur idea into your decor. 

Customization is an excellent way to make your dinosaur baby shower unique. So, think of homemade cookies announcing the baby-to-be’s name or custom shirts or buttons that label all of the crucial family members – mama-Saurus, grandma-Saurus, aunt-a-Saurus. 

We love combining your dino theme with other ideas, like tropical, gender-specific, Hollywood dinos, pastel, bold, outdoor, and earthy boho.

Invitation Ideas

Invitations are crucial for providing your guests with the necessary information to prepare for your baby shower. 

Guests should know how long they should plan to be at your party, the location, and the date. For example, I once spent hours creating these awesome custom invites for my son’s b-day party, only to leave out the most important data – the party’s date. 

You can also request that guests RSVP with the mommy-to-be or the party host, so you know how many supplies you’ll need. 

And you can also use the invitations to announce the registry or wish list of the parents. We love these rawr-iful party invites:

Decoration Ideas

No baby shower can be complete without decorations. There are plenty of DIY party crafts on Pinterest. But if you’re not the crafty type, not to worry! 

Check out some of these impressive decoration packs with cute dinosaur baby shower themes – 

And for the pregnant party members, get this adorable mommy-to-be sash and buttons for dino daddy and siblings.

Party Games

No baby shower is complete without games! Baby shower games are a great way to get to know parents to be as well as help guests mingle. A few of our favorite shower games:

Word Scramble

Diaper Raffle (you’ll want to let guests know ahead of time if you’re doing one!)

Baby Shower Bingo

Who Knows Mommy Best?

Party Favor Ideas

Many baby shower hosts don’t like to send their guests home empty-handed. So there are plenty of dino-themed baby shower party favors. 

Here are some of our dino-riffic favs! 

Final Thoughts

Baby showers are an exciting time for the mommy-to-be, friends, and family members to come together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. It’s also the perfect time for showering the mommy with gifts and supplies to lessen the financial burden the parents experience when they welcome the new arrival. 

Picking the perfect theme, like a dinosaur baby shower, makes your party fun and colorful. Know what else can jazz up a baby shower? Mimosas! Learn how to make a momosa bar for your dino baby shower party.

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