How to Throw the Ultimate Diaper Party

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Are you planning a baby shower for a friend or family member? If so, have you considered throwing a diaper party? 

A diaper party is a fun and practical way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. Instead of traditional gifts, guests bring packs of diapers for the parents-to-be.

Not only does a diaper party provide the parents with a much-needed supply of diapers, but it also gives them a chance to socialize with friends and family before the baby arrives.

 Diaper parties are a popular trend that has gained popularity in recent years and for good reason. They are a great way to celebrate the new addition to the family while also helping the parents prepare for their new role.

If you’re interested in throwing a diaper party, there are plenty of creative ways to make it a memorable event.

 From diaper-themed decorations to fun games and activities, there are endless possibilities to make the party unique and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know to plan the ultimate diaper party.

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What is a Diaper Party?

If you’re a soon-to-be dad, you might have heard about a diaper party. A diaper party is a gathering of male friends and family members to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby. 

Unlike a baby shower, which is typically an all-female affair, a diaper party is usually for men. However, it’s become more popular for them to be co-ed in recent years.

Diaper Party vs Baby Shower

While baby showers are focused on the mother-to-be and typically involve games, gifts, and food, diaper parties are all about the dad-to-be and his friends. The main focus of a diaper party is to help the dad-to-be stock up on diapers and other baby essentials.

At a diaper party, guests are usually asked to bring a pack of diapers or other baby items as a gift for the dad-to-be. This can be a great way to help the new dad get started with the practical items he’ll need for his new baby.

Another key difference between a diaper party and a baby shower is the atmosphere. While baby showers are often more formal and structured, diaper parties are usually more casual and laid-back.

 It’s a chance for the dad-to-be to relax and have fun with his friends before the baby arrives.

A diaper party can be a great way for the dad-to-be to get some much-needed support and help as he prepares for fatherhood. Whether you’re planning a diaper party for yourself or for a friend, it’s a fun and practical way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby.

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Benefits of Diaper Parties

Save Money

Diaper parties are a great way to save money on the cost of diapers. As a new parent, you will go through a lot of diapers, and the cost can quickly add up.

 By hosting a diaper party, you can receive a significant amount of diapers as gifts from your friends and family. This can help offset the cost of buying diapers on your own. 

Plus, you can save time and money by not having to go to the store as often to purchase more diapers.

Community Building

Diaper parties are also an excellent way to build community and connect with other parents. When you host a diaper party, you invite your friends and family to come together and celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby. 

This can be a great opportunity to bond with others who have gone through or are going through a similar experience. You can also use the party as a way to introduce your friends and family to each other, which can help build a stronger sense of community.

Practical Gifting

Diapers are a practical gift that every new parent needs. By hosting a diaper party, you can receive a variety of diaper sizes and brands, which can be helpful as your baby grows and their needs change. 

Plus, you can receive other practical gifts, such as wipes, diaper cream, and even baby clothes. This can help ensure that you have everything you need for your new baby.


When it comes to invitations, you can either send out traditional paper invitations or create digital ones. 

Make sure to include all the necessary details such as the date, time, location, and any specific instructions for guests. You can also include a note requesting that guests bring a pack of diapers as a gift.

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Selecting the perfect venue for your diaper party is a crucial step in the planning process. After all, the location sets the tone for your gathering and can significantly contribute to the overall experience for your guests. 

Let’s explore some wonderful venues where you can host a memorable diaper party.

Your Home (or a Friend’s)

The most common and convenient venue for a diaper party is your own home. It’s intimate, personal, and doesn’t require any booking or rental fees. 

Whether in your living room, backyard, or spacious basement, your home provides a comfortable space where guests can relax and enjoy the party.

Community Centers

Local community centers often have rooms that you can rent for private events. They are typically spacious and equipped with tables and chairs, reducing the need for you to provide or rent these items.

 Some centers may also have outdoor areas, perfect for a sunny, warm-weather gathering.

Parks and Gardens

If you’re planning a diaper party during the warmer months, consider hosting it outdoors in a local park or garden. 

These natural settings provide a lovely backdrop for your event, and kids can run around freely. Remember to check if you need a permit to reserve a specific area.


A local craft brewery can offer a distinctive ambiance that both beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers can enjoy. These venues often have spacious areas suitable for both small and large groups, and some even have outdoor beer gardens, perfect for a sunny day celebration. 

The highlight, of course, is the variety of beers on tap. Guests can explore different brews, and the party can incorporate beer tasting activities for a fun twist.

Consider reaching out to the brewery about organizing a brewery tour for your guests, adding an educational and entertaining element to the party.


Restaurants, especially those with private dining areas, can be another great choice for your diaper party. They offer the convenience of on-site catering, reducing the need for you to worry about food and drinks. Many restaurants also boast a variety of beers, allowing you to stick to the “Diapers and Beer” theme.

Event Spaces

For a larger, more formal diaper party, consider renting an event space or banquet hall. These venues often provide a range of services, from catering to decoration, which can help streamline your planning process.

Virtual Venue

In this digital age, a virtual diaper party is not only possible but can be just as fun and engaging. It’s an excellent choice if your friends and family live far away or if health and safety concerns limit in-person gatherings. 

Platforms like Zoom or Google Meet can host your virtual party, and gifts can be sent directly to your home.

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Every party needs some entertainment, and diaper parties are no exception! Engaging games can add a fun twist to your celebration, providing an opportunity for guests to interact, laugh, and create lasting memories. Let’s explore some exciting games that are perfect for a diaper party.

Diaper Raffle

This game is simple and rewarding. When you send out your party invitations, ask your guests to bring a package of diapers for a chance to win a prize. During the party, collect the diapers and draw a raffle ticket to choose a winner. 

Not only does this game bring an element of suspense, but it also helps you stock up on diapers for your baby.

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Guess the Baby Food

Purchase several different types of baby food and remove the labels. Have your guests take turns tasting each one and writing down their guesses. The guest with the most correct guesses wins!

 This game can lead to some hilariously wrong answers and a lot of laughter.

Diaper Pong

Adapt the classic game of beer pong to fit your diaper party theme. Set up a table with six cups on each side. Instead of beer, fill the cups with different types of baby items (pacifiers, bottles, socks, etc.). Guests try to throw a ping pong ball into the cups. 

If the ball lands in a cup, the thrower gets to keep the baby item!

Baby Bottle Chug

Fill baby bottles with a drink of your choice (it could be beer for a “Diapers and Beer” theme or a non-alcoholic beverage). The first guest to finish “chugging” their bottle wins. 

It’s much harder than it sounds, leading to lots of laughter and cheers.

Diaper Messages

This is a more sentimental ‘game’ which can also serve as a beautiful keepsake. Provide markers and plain diapers, asking each guest to write a funny or heartwarming message on a diaper. During those late-night changes, these messages can provide a much-needed smile!

Remember, games should be inclusive and fun for everyone. They not only serve as entertainment but also facilitate interaction and laughter, making your diaper party a truly joyous occasion.

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Food and Drinks

When it comes to parties, one thing guests always look forward to is the food and drinks. Having a well-planned menu can contribute significantly to the success of your diaper party. 

Here are some ideas for what to serve to make your celebration enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are the perfect party food, as they’re easy to handle and allow guests to mingle freely without needing to sit down for a meal. 

Options can range from sliders, chicken wings, vegetable platters, cheese and crackers, to mini quiches and spring rolls.

Themed Treats

Add a touch of fun to your menu by including treats that align with your diaper party theme. For example, for a “Diapers and Beer” theme, consider serving soft pretzels with beer cheese dip.


Every party needs sweet treats. Baby-themed cookies, cupcakes decorated with baby booties or onesies, and a diaper-shaped cake could be delightful additions to your dessert table.

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 A Variety of Beers

If you’re going with the “Diapers and Beer” theme, then offering a selection of beers is a must. Local craft brews, imported lagers, or even homemade brews can cater to various tastes.

Non-Alcoholic Options

Remember to provide non-alcoholic options for guests who prefer them. Soft drinks, water, tea, coffee, and non-alcoholic cocktails (or “mocktails”) can ensure that all your guests have enjoyable beverage choices.

Signature “Baby” Cocktail

For a unique touch, create a signature cocktail for your party. This could be a traditional cocktail with a baby-themed name or a new creation altogether. Remember to create a non-alcoholic version for those who prefer it.

When planning your menu, remember to cater to different dietary restrictions your guests might have, like allergies, vegetarian, or gluten-free diets. 

Above all, ensure the food and drinks at your diaper party are not only delicious but also add to the overall joy and theme of your celebration.

Diaper Party Etiquette


When attending a diaper party, you are usually expected to bring a gift for the parents-to-be. The gift should be something related to diapers, such as disposable or cloth diapers, wipes, diaper cream, or diaper bags.

 You can also consider gifting other baby essentials like baby clothes, blankets, or toys. It is recommended to check with the host or the parents-to-be if they have any specific preferences or needs. 

Guest Responsibilities

As a guest, it is your responsibility to RSVP to the invitation and inform the host if you are unable to attend. Arrive on time and be respectful of the host’s home and other guests. 

Offer to help with any setup or cleanup if needed. During the party, engage in conversation with other guests and participate in any games or activities.

 Remember to be mindful of the parents-to-be and their preferences.

What to Wear

It is best to dress comfortably and casually when attending a diaper party. Avoid wearing anything too formal or flashy. 

Consider wearing clothes that are easy to move around in, especially if there are any activities or games planned. It is recommended to check with the host if there is a specific dress code or theme for the party.

 If the party has a theme, try to dress according to the theme.

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Diaper Party Tips and Tricks

Hosting a successful diaper party involves careful planning and attention to detail. To help you navigate this process, we’ve gathered some useful tips and tricks that can elevate your party from good to great. 

Let’s dive in.

Plan Ahead

Begin your preparations well in advance. This will allow you to book your desired venue, send out invitations early, and give your guests plenty of time to RSVP and arrange their schedule.

Create a Clear Invitation

Make sure your invitation specifies that it’s a diaper party and what guests should bring. If you prefer a specific brand or size of diapers, don’t hesitate to include that information. We always recommend asking for diapers in sizes two and above because babies grow so fast!

Think About Variety

Although it’s a diaper party, consider requesting other essential baby items such as baby wipes, creams, or small toys. You’ll need these items just as much as diapers. You can mention your registry on the invitations to help guests know what you need.

Keep it Casual

Diaper parties are generally more laid-back than traditional baby showers. Embrace this casual vibe and ensure your guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

Say Thanks

Remember to thank your guests. Whether with a thoughtful thank you note or small favor, showing appreciation for their gifts and presence at your party is essential.

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Diaper Party Theme Ideas

Choosing a theme for your diaper party can give the event a unique edge, making it more memorable for you and your guests. The theme can inspire your decorations, food, games, and even the dress code.

 Let’s look at five exciting themes that can take your diaper party to the next level.

Diapers and Dudes

If you’re aiming for a guys-only diaper party, consider the ‘Diapers and Dudes’ theme. It can be as simple as a BBQ in the backyard, watching a sports game together, or even a poker night. 

The atmosphere is casual, and the focus is on having a good time, just with diapers as the admission ticket.

Diapers and Beer

As mentioned before, this is a popular choice for many diaper parties. Guests can bring along their favorite brews to share, and you can organize a craft beer tasting session.

Decorations could involve beer mugs, barrels, and even diapers with beer-related jokes.

Diapers Around the World

This is a great theme if you love to travel or are bringing up a future little explorer. You can ask your guests to bring diapers packaged with a note about wishing the baby future travels to different parts of the globe. 

Decorations could include maps, globes, and flags, and the food could feature dishes from various cuisines.

Superhero Diaper Party

A superhero-themed diaper party can be a lot of fun and works well if both children and adults are attending. You can decorate using colors and symbols of popular superheroes. 

Guests can come dressed as their favorite superhero, and games can be superhero-related.

Diaper Fiesta

A fiesta-themed diaper party can be vibrant and full of energy. Think colorful decorations, Mexican food like tacos and enchiladas, and festive music. You could even include a piñata filled with small baby items.

Choosing the right theme for your diaper party can help streamline your planning process and create an unforgettable event. Remember, the theme should reflect your personal tastes and preferences, ensuring that you enjoy the celebration just as much as your guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at a diaper party?

At a diaper party, you typically play games, eat food, and drink drinks. The focus of the party is to celebrate the dad-to-be and help him stock up on diapers for his new baby.

Who attends a diaper party?

Typically diaper parties are for men, but it’s become more common for them to be co-ed.

What’s a diaper party?

A diaper party is a party thrown for a dad-to-be where guests bring a pack of diapers as a gift. It’s a way to help the dad stock up on diapers for his new baby and celebrate his impending fatherhood.

Do you bring diapers to a diaper party?

Yes, you should bring a pack of diapers to a diaper party. The size and brand of the diapers are up to you, but it’s always a good idea to check with the dad-to-be to see what he prefers.

When should you throw a diaper party?

A diaper party is typically thrown a few weeks before the baby is due. This gives the dad-to-be enough time to organize the diapers and get everything ready for the baby’s arrival.

What size diapers should I get for a diaper party?

When buying diapers for a diaper party, it’s a good idea to buy various sizes. Newborn and size one diapers are the most commonly used sizes, but it’s always a good idea to have a few larger sizes on hand as well. This will ensure that the dad-to-be has diapers for the baby as it grows.

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