How to Throw a Boho Baby Shower

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A Boho baby shower theme is a relaxing, chill inspiration for laid-back parents-to-be. All about pastel colors, relaxed, simple decor, and good vibes, a baby shower in a bohemian theme can suit the birth of baby boys, girls, or undetermined genders. 

This boho baby shower guide is an inspiring reference for hosting the most down-to-earth baby shower. Remember, Good Vibes Only!

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What is a Boho Baby Shower?

Anything boho-themed is a popular trending style for a guest of honor that is down to earth and unconventional. 

Bohemian styles are all about mixing different elements to create an eclectic cohesive design that’s as unique and laid-back as a free spirit. 

You can choose various textures, colors, and decor pieces to blend and call it boho. There are no hard, fast rules that specifically classify as bohemian. 

How to Throw a Boho Baby Shower?

Throwing a boho baby shower can be a simple, direct affair. Or it can be an elaborate party that requires extensive planning and scheduling. 

If you’re hosting a baby shower for a mom-to-be, make sure you understand her party preferences. For example, if she’s an introvert who doesn’t like being around many people, don’t plan a five-hour baby shower with a guest list of 300 strange guests. 

The specifics for what goes into your boho baby shower are as diverse as a boho theme and the limitless unique women celebrating the arrival of a new baby. 

While you can customize your boho baby shower to meet your specific needs, this piece will break down the different areas to consider. 

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Baby Shower Schedule

When planning a baby shower, you’ll want an estimated time frame for the party length to include on the invites. 

How long you schedule your party can determine the activities you can plan. But the allotted time can also affect your menu, the party location, the number of guests, and the decor.

Regardless of the length of your party, most baby showers make time for games, eating and cake, and presents. Elaborate baby showers may have additional activities to include, like toasts. 

Unsure what games you should include for a baby shower? By offering baby shower game bundles, many crafters and designers make it easy to host your party without killing brain cells. You can even find some in a boho theme like these:

But the best thing about baby showers is you can customize them to suit any mother-to-be’s (or both parents for a co-ed party) personality. 

Does the mom-to-be love to take photos? Set up a photo booth where the guests can take pictures with Mommy. For extra creativity, offer photo props, frames, or different backdrops.

Suppose your guest of honor enjoys crafts. Set up tables with scrapbooking materials and instant photos. Then suggest that every guest make a memorable keepsake for the baby. 

Adding disposable cameras for guests can also be an excellent way to ensure you get plenty of photos of your big day from various perspectives.

Theme Ideas

When you decide on a boho baby shower, you can go in many directions for your theme. However, most bohemian baby showers stick with a muted, earthy palette of understated colors like champagne, blush, nude, cream, ivory, and pale green.

You can also focus on specific themes for a boho baby shower that combines different elements, like a light pastel color palette with animals. 

Popular themes to combine for a boho baby shower include:

  • Muted rainbows
  • Safari animals
  • Woodland animals
  • Flower/forest motifs
  • Lace
  • Burlap
  • Dream catchers
  • Feathers
  • Baskets
  • Woven materials – baskets, beaded curtains, wall backgrounds
  • Plump pillows
  • Earthy colors
  • Pampas grass
  • Glass jars

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Menu Ideas

Because bohemian themes are often understated and minimal, you can replicate these characteristics in your menu.

For example, rather than going with a giant multi-tiered cake with heavy sugary icing, try something more subtle like a naked cake. Enhance the boho theme further by using edible leaves or flowers for garnishment. 

Other foods to include on a boho baby shower menu are:

If you’re hosting a morning or brunch-themed boho baby shower, consider including:

And if you’re hosting a full baby shower that will serve an entire lunch, you can go with menu items of: 

  • Finger sandwiches – chicken salad, pimento, ham, turkey, Benedictine
  • Soup
  • Salad
  • Burger sliders (chicken, barbecue, or veggie burgers are also common)

Finally, hosting a baby shower in the evening means you’re likely responsible for your guests’ final meal of the night. Therefore, you may want to think of large full servings. And having plenty of snacks and finger foods can reduce how many entrees you’ll need.

Invitation Ideas

Using a watercolor background is a fantastic theme choice for your invitations that you can combine with other themes. Watercolor backgrounds have a splotchy blended pattern that looks washed out.    

If you have the creativity, you can design your baby shower invites using an image program like Canva or PicMonkey.

Common features of a bohemian baby shower invitation include pastels of pink, lavender, orange, yellow, pale green, and blue and soft earthy neutrals like beige, tan, cream, and brown.

Here are a few of our favorite boho style invitations:

Decoration Ideas

You have many affordable options when choosing decorations for a boho baby shower. Save money by hosting your shower outdoors and let nature serve as your decor. 

Or bring the outdoors inside with floral-themed decor pieces. Online sites like Etsy or Amazon are excellent places to find affordable boho decorations.

Because boho designs are usually laid-back and understated, you can get by with minimal effort. For the basics, pick up a Boho tableware party pack, like this classy rainbow set with forks, plates, and napkins. Consider this set in sage green for a boy or gender-neutral baby shower

To decorate with balloons, garland, and banners, try either these two gender-neutral balloon arch sets – nude neutral rainbow arch or glammy apricot and blush

This rainbow boho set has everything you’d need for decorating, including a banner, balloons, and toppers for cupcakes and a cake. 

You can create the perfect photo backdrop using this woven beige fringe curtain on the wall. And the classy look with the floral garland up top makes this macrame banner an excellent decor piece for the baby’s nursery. 

And don’t forget decor for the guest of honor! A flower crown is a boho essential accessory!

Party Favor Ideas

Many baby shower hosts like to send guests home with small souvenirs to remind them of the joyous celebration with the mom-to-be. These can also make great prizes for baby shower games! Here are a few of our favorites:

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Final Thoughts

A bohemian baby shower theme can be the perfect laid-back, relaxed choice for a simple baby momma that prefers life in the slow lane. Baby showers are a fun way to help celebrate the impending birth of a new baby. It’s also the perfect time to help the parents-to-be prepare by showering them with baby needs essentials and memorabilia. 

Make the best boho baby shower with memories that will last a lifetime by focusing on these baby shower components:

  • Schedule
  • Theme
  • Menu
  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Party favors

And many moms-to-be like to send out thank you notes after the party. Be sure to collect the pertinent contact information for your guests before they leave! Make it fun with a guest book, scrapbook, or address cards included with your guests’ take-home gifts or place cards.

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