How to Throw A Baby Yoda (The Child) Themed Baby Shower

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A baby Yoda baby shower can be a space-tastic theme for co-ed-hosted parties or for the mom-to-be who’s a total Star Wars geek. But seriously, who doesn’t feel mushy and soft when you gaze at the overwhelming adorableness of a baby Yoda – specifically known as the Child? 

We’ve got a gazillion ideas to make your baby Yoda baby shower out of this world with success. Everything will be inspired by the teeny green creature with the pointy ears, from decor to the food to the gifts you send home with your guests. So what are we waiting for? Let’s launch this baby shower pod. 

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What is a Baby Yoda Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a joyous occasion where family and friends shower parents-to-be with baby essentials to reduce the burden of preparing for a new baby. 

Baby showers used to be geared towards moms, but co-ed showers with mom and dad present are becoming a huge hit. And a baby Yoda theme can be the perfect theme to excite men into attending. After all, who isn’t a Star Wars fan? 

To turn your baby shower into a baby Yoda theme, you’ll need to incorporate aspects of the Child into your decor. For example, it can be in what the parents wear, such as these parent-to-be ribbons or pin buttons.

How to Throw a Baby Yoda Baby Shower

There’s no big secret about how to throw a baby Yoda baby shower. And there are no rules on how much of your theme has to feature the Child himself. 

Want to keep it simple? Choose a baby Yoda color palette, like green, brown, and orange. Use these colors throughout your decor, from the tablecloths to the napkins and dinnerware. 

Then, strategically feature the Child in key places, like a party banner, a cake topper, or a few party games. These baby Yoda game bundles are simple, with only a single image of the Child at the bottom on white paper that you can print at home.

Baby Shower Schedule

Creating a schedule for your baby shower is one of the best ways to make sure it stays on track! You don’t need to make it crazy detailed, but a baby shower schedule can help make sure you get to everything you want to, as well as can help you stay on budget. We love to use our printable baby shower planner to keep it all organized!

At a minimum, do a mental estimate of the activities you want to do during your shower. You’ll want to use this info to ensure you plan enough time for everything. 

You don’t want to tell guests your shower will only be an hour on your invitation. But then plan so much stuff that your party lasts a few hours instead.

What activities go along with a baby shower? Typically, there are – 

  • Greetings/farewells with the mom-to-be (and host if preferred)
  • Food
  • Games
  • Presents
  • Cake
  • Photos

While the average baby shower lasts between ninety minutes and three hours, you can extend or shorten your party to your needs. Dancing, toasts, videography, full meals, and crafts are popular activities for longer, more formal parties.

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Themed Baby Yoda Baby Shower Ideas

The popularity of the Mandalorian series and the Star Wars franchise, in general, have kept the beyond-intelligent green alien Yoda a relevant theme. But it seems no one can get enough of the mind-bending adorableness that is the Child. 

You can use several elements with Yoda’s portrait for your baby Yoda – affectionally known as the Child – baby shower theme. Or you can make a single piece the primary focus, with supporting details in themes like Star Wars, the Mandalorian, or based on a color palette. 

Since Yoda is an alien from space, you can make your baby Yoda part of a larger theme like galaxy or space. 

Looking for tutorials on making some Baby Yoda baby shower crafts and decor pieces to go with your baby shower? Check out these 30 inspiring DIY baby Yoda projects.

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Menu Ideas for Yoda-Themed Showers

A fruit and veggie tray is a staple at most parties, and you can make a fun display that screams a baby Yoda party. For example, cut out a quarter of a watermelon, hollow it out, fill it with various fruits and add a Child figurine. 

Prefer cake pops? How cute are these Death Star cake pops? Make them baby Yoda-themed with green coloring and two triangle pieces of edible chocolate or fondant for the ears. 

Make up some green punch, put it in a glass dispenser, and label it “Yoda Soda” or “Vader-Ade” to go along with Hutt dogs and Madawan Popcorn. 

Green chocolate-covered Yoda Oreos with M and M eyes can be fun snacks. And skewers painted edible silver with fresh fruit can imitate light sabers. Or provide single-serving pasta in green and white striped paper cups on a two-tier display case. And stuff some baby Yoda heads inside deviled eggs to look like his pod.

Mom-osas anyone? Self-serve buffet-style bars are always a hit. Popular ideas include serving tacos, soup, sandwiches, mimosas, finger foods, or activity tables.

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Invitations Featuring Baby Yoda

Your baby shower invitations are the perfect time to announce your baby shower’s theme without specifically stating it in words. For example, this baby shower invite proclaims “Precious cargo on its way” with the cutest Child riding on a ship.

Here are a few more of our favorite Baby Yoda inspired baby shower invitations:

Decorations for a Baby Yoda Baby Shower

Announce the arrival of your baby while adding a dose of dry humor with decor that says, “The Child is Coming.” This green and brown banner is appropriate for boys, while you can get the same design in pink for girls. Then, match the look with this baby Yoda cake topper. 

Match the infamous way Yoda talks with this simple banner “Pregnant you are, Celebrate we must.” And for the cake, a simple “Oh Boy” topper or “The Child is Coming” in pink for a lady baby. Or use these printable tags for decorating cupcakes.

Here are a few more of our favorite Baby Yoda decorations:

Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games can be a fun way to mix things up! Here are a few of our favorite baby shower games to play:

Prizes and Party Favors

What’s a party without guests going home with a sentimental keepsake of the event? Here are some of the most popular baby shower party favors to send home with your guests as a sign of appreciation. These would also make a great prize for any baby shower games!

Wrapping Up

If you’re eager to show your love of the adorable, troublesome big eyed-large eared green alien mind Jedi when Yoda was just a wee thing, we’re here for it. What’s more fitting for Star War fan parents than announcing the arrival of their baby with an on-the-nose theme of “The Child.” And ladies, a baby Yoda baby shower theme might be the compromise you need to coax your partner into a co-ed party. 

We hope this article helps you throw the ultimate Baby Yoda inspired Baby Shower!

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