Who Knows Mommy Best Baby Shower Game Guide

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Are you looking for a fun baby shower game?

Who Knows Mommy Best is the perfect game to play at your baby shower. It’s filled with questions that will help you learn who knows mommy best! You can also use this as an icebreaker before the party starts. We guarantee it will be a hit!

Get ready to have some fun and find out who knows mommy best! The questions in our game cover everything from her favorite color to what she wants for the nursery. There are even some questions about what she might want for herself and the baby, so everyone can get into thinking about your soon-to-be new mother. She’ll love seeing how much thought everyone has put into planning her future life with her little one on the way. And don’t worry if not all of these topics apply – there are plenty of other questions too, so everyone will have something they know well enough to answer correctly!

In this article, we’ll go over how to play this popular baby shower game, our favorite questions, how to create your own game, and our favorite prizes!

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Game Overview

Who Knows Mommy Best is a popular baby shower game that helps you get to know the Mom-to-Be (and Dad-to-Be if you want!). The game consists of questions about Mom and guests answer with what they think the answers are.

The guest with the most correct answers wins the game and a prize!

Supplies Needed

To play this game you’ll need some supplies! You’ll need:

Paper (or premade game cards, like these)

Pens or Pencils

How to Play In Person

1. Write the number of each question on a piece of paper or use premade game cards. It’s recommended that you write them in order, but if you want to shuffle the questions before playing, that would be fun too! If you choose to shuffle, write down your questions on multiple sheets of paper and shuffle the sheets before you begin playing.

2. Hand out one piece of paper and a pen or pencil to everyone who will be playing. Let them know that they’ll need to write their name at the top so you can give credit to the right person when you announce the prizes!

3. Read through all of your questions, or leave them on a table for your guests to read. If you have premade game cards, just read the questions out loud and have everyone write their answers.

4. After everyone has written their answer, collect all of the papers! Now it’s time to check who knows mom best! Read out the questions and have Mom answer. Anyone who had the same answer as. Mom gets a point.

5. Whoever gets the most questions correct will win the game!

How to Play The Game Virtually

Mommy Knows Best is a perfect game to play at a virtual baby shower! Guests can play virtually by having their own paper and pen (or you can send custom game cards ahead of time).

If guests are providing their own paper, the host will want to read the questions out loud so virtual guests can participate. When it’s time to check scores, have virtual guests score their own cards.

Who Knows Mommy Best Questions

Here are a few of our favorite questions to use for this game

How old is Mommy?

Where was Mommy born?

What is Mommy’s favorite color?

What is Mommy’s favorite animal?

What is Mommy’s favorite food?

What is Mommy’s favorite TV show?

What are some of Mommy’s hobbies or interests?

What is Mommy’s favorite perfume or cologne?

What kind of car does Mommy drive?

What is Mommy’s middle name?

How to Make Your Own Questions

You can make your own Who Knows Mommy Best questions- just come up with a topic and think about what you would want to know if you were attending a baby shower of someone close to you. This game will help get people to open up about your mom and learn a little bit more about her.

Games Tips and Tricks

When you’re handing out the papers, let your guests know that they can write their names on there if they want credit for correct answers.

You can adjust the number of questions depending on how much time you think you will have. If you’re having a lot of people, don’t give them too many questions or the game might take FOREVER!

If you’re looking for premade cards, check out the options available on Etsy. Many of them you can download instantly and print at home!

This is a great game to play for both in-person and virtual baby showers.

You can also make this a co-ed game by including questions about the Dad to Be as well.

Prize Ideas

If you’re looking for prizes that will work well with this game, check out these ideas.

Gift Cards to stores like Target or Amazon

Gift Baskets


Lottery Ticket

Looking for more baby shower game prize ideas? Check out this article with 15 of our favorite prizes!

Final Thoughts

Who Knows Mommy Best is a great game that can help you learn more about your mom before the baby comes. It’s fun to play and will give everyone involved some good laughs. Whether you’re playing this game at your own party or hosting, don’t forget to have fun!

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