How to Have a Mimosa Bar at Your Baby Shower

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A baby shower is a perfect opportunity for the glowing mother-to-be to celebrate her baby’s upcoming birth with those closest to her. But what is any party without the crisp and bubbly? 

Enter the Mimosa bar – or in the case of a baby shower, a Momosa bar. If you’re looking for an easy way to add an air of elegance to your baby shower, serving mimosas can do the trick.

We know what you’re thinking – but preggo moms can’t drink champagne!

And that’s why it’s a momosa bar – there’s no alcohol required! Interested? We knew you would be, so let’s mix it up.

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What is a Mimosa Bar?

Everyone knows the yummy bubbly beverage mimosas can work for any occasion. It’s even a common staple for weekend breakfasts and brunches. 

Traditionally, you’d enjoy a crisp glass of mimosa – champagne and orange juice. But there are several alternatives to the classic alcoholic beverage. And you don’t miss out on the experience or flavor!

You would set up a dedicated self-serving mimosa station for a mimosa bar. But, of course, if you want to keep it simple, you can only serve the original mix of orange juice. But you can be more festive and fun by offering an array of flavors. 

For virgin mimosas safe for mommy-to-be, substitute champagne for a bubbly alternative like non-alcoholic sparkling cider or wine. 

One of our favorites to use is the non-alcoholic Gruvi Prosecco!

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How to Set Up a Mimosa Bar

Setting up a mimosa bar doesn’t require much work or supplies. What materials you need and how long it takes are open for customization.

You’ll need a container for your mimosa mix. Pitchers with handles for easy pouring or those with spouts make for perfect self-serve stations. 

You can match dozens of adorable options with your baby shower theme. Or you can get different ones for an eclectic mismatch of designs.

How you display your mimosas should also be a consideration. For example, will you make a decorative bar to show your drinks? Or are you just going to line them up on a table? 

Then you’ll need to get drinkware and enough drinking supplies to serve your guests. Estimate two to three glasses per guest to be sure you have enough for everyone.

For comparison, a 750 mL bottle can serve 6 to 8 people, with 3 to 4-ounce servings.

Choose Decorations

What’s a party without decorations?! When it comes to a mimosa baby shower, it’s a bit on the nose, but go for a Momosa theme. 

You can use a pretty tablecloth for the display table for your beverages. And behind the bar, add a backdrop, some paper flowers, poms, or balloons for a textured contrast. 

Drink labels easily incorporate themed decor while ensuring your guests get the right flavor beverage. 

You can find customizable tags and labels on Etsy. Or create designs using digital software. 

Mom-osa signs are a must for your drink station. Here are some of our favorites for baby shower mimosa parties.

Pick Your Flavors

When you’re hosting a mimosa bar for your baby shower, you’ll make a big impact by offering several flavors of mimosas. 

A traditional mimosa drink consists of champagne mixed with orange juice. But you can easily make different flavors by changing the type of juice. 

Popular alternative juice flavors that you can use to spruce up your regular mimosa include: 





Strawberry kiwi




Raspberry Lemonade

Orange mango


Watermelon mint

You’ll also need to decide whether you want to serve champagne (technically sparkling wine) from France.

Or if you’re going to offer Prosecco Italian sparkling wine, or Spain’s sparkling wine – Cava.

For non-alcoholic Mom-osas, you could use sparkling water, non-alcohlic sparkling wine (like Gruvi Dry Secco), or Sprite.

Determine Add-Ins

Offer add-ins if you want to take your mimosa drinks above and beyond. For example, fresh fruit is one of the most popular things to put into your bubbly beverages.

Since you’re using smaller glasses, avoid big chunks of food. If you want to serve larger fruits, cut them into pieces that will fit into the glass.

Then add lemon or orange wedges for the rims. We love this chilled container from Amazon to keep all the fruit fresh!

Fruits include blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, and cut-up strawberries. 

Serving Arrangement

Colored pitchers and drinkware are a creative way to celebrate the announcement of the baby’s gender. However, many baby shower hosts prefer disposable stemware for easier cleanup. 

If you have a big baby shower with servers handing out the beverages, there’s less need to focus on your serving arrangement.

In addition to your beverages and ingredients, you’ll also need drinkware, ice buckets, and dishes for your garnishments. Display these in cute sectional trays with tongs, adorable cocktail forks, or toothpicks for self-serving.

What to Serve Alongside

Some people also like to serve small snacks. Finger foods that go well with mimosas include:

Cheese plate

Crudite platter – raw veggies sliced or cut


Pickles and olives

Spring rolls

Deviled eggs


Party Favors to Send Home

Plastic glasses are less likely to break, making them great for outdoor or indoor parties. And you can decorate them with nametags or labels. Or make them into keepsakes by adding vinyl monograms.

You can also send home small bottles with a “Pop when she pops” tag. Other favors are:

Final Words

Mimosas are a popular beverage to serve for all celebrations. You can even serve mimosas at a baby shower. Substitute the champagne – or other sparkling wine – with non-alcoholic sparkling cider.

You get the same bubbly sensation without the risks for a happy mommy-to-be.

Plan the perfect mom-osa bar for your baby shower by focusing on these areas.

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