How to Throw a Little Cutie Baby Shower

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If you’re searching for a refreshing, earthy baby shower theme, join the trend of choosing cuties. A Little cutie baby shower theme for the cutesy baby-on-the-way can be a budget-friendly, minimalistic idea. 

And best of all, a little cutie baby shower can incorporate many elements for a down-to-earth gender-neutral girl or boy pregnancy party.

All mommy-to-be will love the bright, energetic color palette, simple decor, and citrusy, fresh scent. And as a bonus, some decorations are healthy edible snacks after the party.

Keep reading to learn how to host a little cutie baby shower. We include the best color palette, decorations, menu, party schedule, and everything else to help you host the best-kicking little cutie baby shower.

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What is a Little Cutie Baby Shower?

A little cutie baby shower is designed after the refreshing, citrusy seedless small fruit from California. This baby shower incorporates the little orange clementine fruits into various design components. 

Not only is the fruit delicious to eat – and healthy – but it’s also affordable and requires minimal effort to use for party decorations. Can’t find the real deal cuties at your local grocery store? 

You can also use faux fruit made from plastic, wax, or DIY-made with modeling clay and orange paint. Besides including the tiny oranges in your decor, you can make a little cutie baby shower using the right color palette.

Orange and white are the most common color choices.  

How to Throw a Little Cutie Baby Shower?

Perhaps the most persuasive reason for throwing a little Cutie baby shower is how easy it is to host.

But while the theme is important to the success of your party, that’s not all to consider. Your baby shower plan should include a schedule for your party to keep things organized and to help your guests know how to plan their visit. 

You’ll also need to choose where you want to have your party. Again, the location is crucial; indoors or outside, local and residential, or a rented destination. 

Then you’ll need to figure out your guest list. If you’re hosting a baby shower for the mother-to-be, it’s best to know her preferences for party size. Introverts will be less comfortable with a packed baby shower with 100 guests versus a party for 20 guests. 

Here are some other major areas you’ll need to address when planning to host a Little Cutie baby shower. 

Baby Shower Schedule

The majority of baby showers are successful without the use of a schedule. So unless you’re super into the organization or planning a long baby shower with many activities, you probably won’t need a baby shower schedule.

You will likely need a schedule to help in the days leading up to your baby shower. There are a lot of moving parts to keep organized! 

Schedules and checklists can also be useful for planning the baby’s arrival. There are also weight trackers, baby milestones, and lists that make sure you’ve got the essentials ready to meet the little one. 

Large bundles like this 71-piece set can make it easier to plan your party.

The decorations start with welcome signs for your guests. Then there are dozens of games, menus, party labels, and invites.

Theme Ideas

Since you’re reading an article on how to host a little cutie baby shower, you’ve already planned your theme. But wait, is the one theme all you want to use?

A fun way to make your cutie party different from everyone else’s is with customization. Combine this theme with other elements that embody the traits of the expectant mommy. 

One option is to stick with the food theme or get more specific by narrowing the limits to fruit or orange foods. 

You can also combine a little cutie orange baby shower with other elements of orange. For example, for a fan of SEC college football, you can blend a little cutie baby shower with a Tennessee Volunteers theme. 

Or you could focus on the cuties in their natural environment and plan your party around nature and trees. Even better, host the party outdoors under the shade of towering trees.

Menu Ideas

When hosting a little cutie baby shower, you’ll also want to consider the menu you plan to serve. You can use Little cutie menus to announce what you’re providing. 

Or you can set up individual placeholders for each dish. Some people like to provide nutrition information, ingredients, or allergy risks associated with each food. 

How you serve your menu depends on your location, the items you offer, and how long you plan to have your baby shower or meal time. 

You can use crock pots, hot plates, and warming lights for hot foods. For foods you need chilled, add ice to trays or basins. Then put bowls or containers holding the chilled foods into the ice.

Blood orange Mom-osa bar

Skewers of cutie oranges, strawberries, and other fresh fruit 

Clementines dipped in chocolate (nuts, coconut, or chunks of chocolate can add texture)

Orange glazed brownies

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You can’t have a party without beverages. So fit in your Little cuties theme by setting up a drinking area. Humorously name it citrus alley and offer several types of citrus-flavored drinks. Using clear, covered pitchers with nozzles makes it less messy for guests to self-serve their favorite beverage.

Lemon limeade 

Cucumber water 

Orange-infused water

Tropical punch

Another fun way to incorporate your baby shower theme into your menu is to use finger foods in the color orange. For example, you can set up a sectioned tray with orange slices, Cheetos or Cheeto Puffs, candied orange slices, carrots, and other orange candies or food.

Invitation Ideas

These days, the way that parents-to-be send out invitations to family and friends is not as reliant on paper, printers, and postage. 

Many baby shower hosts are going digital with their invites and sending the memo through text or email. Buying a digital version of baby shower invites allows you to electronically customize your designs, send them via electronic submission, or print them out for physical delivery. 

It’s also common to use a combined electronic and physical message for those relatives that haven’t sold out to technology by joining social media or electronic communications. We all know one!

You can get creative with your invites and design custom pieces if you have the time and skill to use image editing software. Or you can purchase physical prints from any local store or online shop. 

But if you want to wow your guests and show off your chosen theme, Etsy is the place to go. There are limitless designs you can find for celebrating a baby shower in a little orange theme. Here are some of our favorites:

Trying to save money and get your information out as directly as possible? Skip the fun theme and add the details to a solid-colored background (orange is great since it’s one of your colors. 

You’ll want to include the name of the guest of honor, the occasion, the time, date, location, and the RSVP number. Some hosts also like to have the guests’ registry information, desired gifts, or instructions. 

Two popular additions to your baby shower invite are diaper raffles and book slips

A diaper raffle is a fun game where every guest who brings a pack of diapers gets an entry into a raffle for a grand prize. The book slip is an excellent way to start a baby’s book collection early. Request that guests bring a book in place of – or along with – presents or money. Here’s our guide on how to ask for books instead of cards, as well as wording ideas.

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Decoration Ideas

When working with a little cutie baby shower, decoration ideas can be simple, elaborate, or fancy. Then there is the choice of DIY’ing your decor items or buying them already crafted. 

Again, Etsy and Amazon can save the day!

Decorations don’t just have to be for the party. This adorable sign invites guests to interact by writing a funny comment on diapers. When mommy and daddy are tired eyed exhausted, these funny sayings can make the late-night diaper changes more fun. 

DIY tabletop centerpieces by filling mason jars with clementines, a few cut-leaved roses, and water. Adding a few drops of food coloring can make the water-tinted fun colors. Or cut the fruit into halves or chunks for a delightful aromatic design topped with bright orange flowers.

Party Favor Ideas

Bundles like these baby shower packs include everything you need for hosting a baby shower, from the invites to the thank you cards when the party is over. 

There are even some great party favors that you can use to show your guests appreciation for helping celebrate the big day. 

This pack has invitations, thank you cards, diaper raffles, baby book requests, baby games, and customizable labels for champagne bottles.

Or this bundle includes games, thank you favors for small bottles, baby banners, invites, labels, and all the extras you could want.

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Other popular party favor ideas include:

Final Thoughts

Basing your baby shower on an earthy, refreshing theme like Little cutie fruits can be affordable and classy. It’s an easy theme to combine with other designs, and the neutral energetic colors are suitable for boys, girls, or gender-neutral parties.

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