The Ultimate Guide to Baby Shower Games for Men

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Who said baby shower games are just for women? More couples are opting for co-ed baby showers rather than the women-only gatherings of yesterday, proving that men can have just as much fun (maybe even more) when they get into the game. 

When you throw men into the mix, you want to make sure that all the aspects of your party and games are Y-chromosome friendly! From the games to the prizes, you want to be sure that your games for men at a baby shower are going to be top-notch. No one wants to throw a boring party!

With that being said, here’s a quick look at our top picks for the best game, easiest game, and top prize:

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Quick Picks

Now it’s party time with not only some of the best baby shower games for guys, but also the best prizes, and some little tips to keep all of your guests having a good time!

How to Put Together Baby Shower Games for Men

When you’re thinking about great baby shower games, for men, you want to choose entertaining ones. Your guests, both male, and female, want to have fun, not feel like they’re on Jeopardy!

From entertaining baby shower games to hilarious baby shower games for guys, we’ve got you covered.

It’s game on! 

Baby Shower Games for Men

Humans Against Baby Showers

There’s a pretty good chance that the men at your baby shower have played the card game Cards Against Humanity. “Humans Against Baby Showers” is a spoof on the game. You can grab some printables off Etsy to play this edgy, yet hilarious baby shower game. Just like the Cards Against Humanity game, there is profanity, so if your crowd would get offended, you may want to skip it. If not, go for it!

The game is easy to play with each player choosing an answer to fill the blanks on the question card. Everyone takes turns to judge the best answer. Whoever has the most best answers is the big winner.

Tinkle in The Pot Baby Shower Game

The Tinkle in The Pot Baby Shower Game gives guys a small glimpse of what it feels like to really have to pee, but have to hold it in.

To play, set up an obstacle course and place small cups at the end of the course for each guest. Give guests a coin to hold between their knees. The players have to keep the coin between their knees while completing the course. They have to finish the course and release the coin from their knees and into the cup to win.

Dad Jokes Baby Shower Game

We’ve all heard them, and probably rolled our eyes at them…dad jokes. This printable game puts the guys’ bad joke-telling skills to the test. Let them compete to see who can give the correct answers to some of the worst dad jokes out there. The guy with the worst sense of humor, who gets the most correct answers, wins!

Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

The college days may be over, but that doesn’t mean the guys at your baby shower can’t still throw back a few bottles…baby bottles that is! The Baby Bottle Chugging Contest puts their chugging skills to the test.

It’s easy to play. Fill some baby bottles with water, lemonade, or iced tea. Set a timer for one minute (or whatever duration you wish) and see who can chug their bottle the fastest. The first person to be done before the timer is up, wins. If no one can finish, the one with the least liquid left is the big winner.

Baby Pong

If you’re looking for baby shower drinking games, add baby pong to your list. You probably guessed, this is a spinoff of the old beer pong game. Instead of using ping pong balls, pick up some tiny plastic babies from the craft store.

Place 6 cups in the form of a triangle at the end of the table. Split the guys up into teams and see who can throw the plastic baby into the other team’s beer cup. When the baby lands in a cup, that cup is removed from the table and that team has to drink what’s inside. This goes on until one team has no cups left.

Of course, if you choose this game, be sure everyone drinks responsibly.


If you’ve ever spoon-fed a baby, you know there is nothing neat about it. This game is no different. Be sure to have several blindfolds or scarves on hand as well as baby food jars and small spoons.

Partner up your guests in teams of two. One person sits on a chair while the other is blindfolded. The blindfolded partner spoon feeds their teammate. Whoever is the cleanest by the end of the game wins. You can decide how long you want the feeding contest to go on. Usually, two minutes is the norm.

Giving Birth

Women always want men to know what it feels like to be pregnant and give birth, so let the games begin!

Each player gets a blown-up water balloon, to place under their shirts. Without using their hands, the guys have to “give birth” by getting the balloon from under their shirts. The first guy to “give birth” is the winner.

Bobbing for Nipples

Surely, the guys at your baby shower will be intrigued by the name of this game. To play you’ll need baby bottle nipples, a large bowl of water, and a blindfold.

Place some baby bottle nipples into bowls of water. Each guy will be blindfolded and will have to fish the nipples out, using only their mouth. The guy who can get the most nipples out of the water by the end of the game wins.

Diaper Change Game

It wouldn’t be a fun baby shower, without diaper party games. In this game, the guys have to compete to see who can successfully change the diaper on a doll or stuffed animal first. This is a real-life skill that any dad is going to need to have.

Diaper Basketball Game

Can the guys get a slam dunk when it comes to throwing away a dirty diaper? Roll up some diapers (not true dirty ones, yuck!) and see if the guys can throw them in the hoop and make a basket. The guy with the most successful shots is the winner. 

Baby Toy Building Race

The toys may come with instructions, but can the men follow them? If the expecting couple has already received some baby toys, bring them to the shower and have a competition among the men to see who can put them together the quickest. Split up in teams or give each guy their own toy depending on how many guests you have. This not only makes for a great baby shower game for men but also helps you to get your toys put together before the baby arrives!

Baby Food Taste Test

See who has the best taste buds with a baby food taste test. Keep the guys blindfolded while they try a baby food buffet. See who gets the most dishes correct to determine the winner. They may not love what they’re eating, but at least it will be entertaining to watch!

Obstacle Course

Can the guys get the baby stroller from point A to point B while going through an obstacle course and not drop the baby? Put their stroller driving skills to the test by having them wheel a baby doll in a stroller through your obstacles. Whoever can get the baby to the finish line, and still in the stroller, wins.

Baby Shower Prizes for Men

When it’s game over, the guys at your shower are going to want a reward for all of their hard work. Here are several gag gifts to choose from, as well as some useful ones that guys at your baby shower will love!

Gag Gifts

To make things even more fun for the guys at your party, you can add some gag gifts to your prize box.

  • Poo Pourri deodorizer is a funny gift, especially for the winner of the diapering game. This little toilet spray can keep things smelling fresh and give a few laughs.
  • Pee-Pee Teepees are another gag gift to consider when it comes to baby shower game prizes for men. If you have any little boys at home, you know that these are little shields to keep you out of the line of fire during a diaper change.
  • Speaking of diapers, they can also make another game prize. If the guy winning the prize is a dad or has a child on the way, he’ll actually appreciate them. The same goes for baby wipes.

Useful Gifts

You can also go the useful route and give gifts that will be much appreciated. Here are some ideas:

Gift cards

Who doesn’t enjoy a gift card? Choose one for a local coffee joint or maybe a restaurant. 


A case of beer is another good item to add to your list of baby shower game prizes for men.
Lottery tickets

Give the winning guy a chance at winning some big bucks!

Basket of snacks

Guys love snacks, so grab a bunch of munchies and make a small basket to give the winner of a couple of your games.

You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to your game prizes. Decide if you’re going to keep it funny, or choose useful gifts. The best choice may be to mix it up to keep people guessing what they’re going to win. 

You may even want to do a “Let’s Make a Deal” theme when it comes to the prizes. Ask each recipient if they want to keep the prize they have won or trade it for whatever the next one is. They may end up with a great gift card or just a peepee teepee. This can add a fun twist to your baby shower games for men.

Tips and Tricks

When it comes to planning a coed baby shower and thinking of baby shower games for men and women, you want to keep a couple of things in mind.

Shy Away from a “Shower” Title

When guys hear the word “baby shower”, they may get freaked out. If you’re going to have a co-ed party, call it a celebration rather than a shower. You can still include your registry information, but this way you can avoid the guys from shying away just because of the name of your event.

Keep it Casual

Some guys don’t like when things go the fancy route. If you’re going to invite men, keep it casual. You can hold your shower outside if possible and maybe have a barbecue. You may also choose to go the picnic route. The big idea here is to avoid the tea parties and bonnets. No guy is going to have a good time. The only game the guys are going to want to play is hide and seek…where they hide in their car driving home.

Don’t Choose Complicated Games

Besides keeping the shower theme simple, you’ll want to keep the games simple as well. Games with a laundry list of rules that take forever to play are going to bore all of your guests, not just the guys. Keep that in mind as you’re looking for the perfect baby shower games for men.

Look for Active Games

Many guys like to keep active, so playing games together that allow them to do so will go over better than games that require them to sit the entire time.

Don’t Play Too Many Games

Have you ever been to a baby shower where all they do is play games? It can get old. You don’t want your guests overwhelmed by the amount of games you have planned. Plan enough to keep your guests busy, but not annoyed during the time you have. Reserve plenty of time for eating and chatting. People like to mingle, especially if they’re seeing people they haven’t seen in a long time.

Final Thoughts

Planning baby shower games for men can be just as fun as if it were a women’s only event. Remember to keep it simple, casual, and fun. Keep the games short and active. 

Baby showers that are stuffy and uptight aren’t going to be fun for anyone, especially the guys. Keep things casual and light so everyone can have a good time. The parents-to-be will also appreciate this.

When it comes to prizes, throw a few gag gifts in there to get silly. Including some useful gifts will also be appreciated. After all, your guests did win by playing a game! You may also want to give your guests a chance to trade their prize for something better…or worse. See who the big gamblers are and get a few laughs at the same time.

In the end, everyone is there to celebrate the new parents and baby. Throwing in a few games will add to all of the fun and excitement! Don’t stress out and enjoy the party!

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