30 Easy and Inexpensive Baby Shower Favor and Prize Ideas

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Since babies are so expensive, you want to save as much money as possible. Affordable baby shower prizes can be an excellent compromise. 

Dollar Tree baby shower prizes can help you save money while giving great gifts to your guests. You don’t have to break the bank to have a great baby shower with exciting favors and prizes. We’ll look at the best places to find inexpensive baby shower prizes, including Dollar Tree and Dollar General

We’ll also list some of the best and most affordable baby shower gifts you can use at your baby welcoming party.

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Helpful Tips For Finding Inexpensive Baby Shower Prizes

Finding affordable baby shower prizes may seem like a pipe dream for many since the costs for everything seem to be skyrocketing.

But there are plenty of ways that you can still locate inexpensive baby shower prizes with little effort. 

The biggest suggestion is to limit your shopping to more affordable stores. You can find many awesome baby shower favors on any party supply aisle for a couple of bucks.

Another tip for getting the best bang for your buck is to look for prizes that come in bundles. You can save money by picking packages that contain several pieces – the same piece, variations, or party packs with different items.

And if you’re creative, you can even make baby shower prizes using affordable individual components bought at stores like Dollar Tree.

Best Places to Buy Inexpensive Baby Shower Prizes

For inexpensive baby shower prizes, generic and discount shopping stores are your best friend. But, of course, you can also go to the clearance aisle and off-brand stores. 

Head to any of these affordable places armed with your helpful tips on how to find inexpensive baby shower prizes:

Dollar Tree

Family Dollar

Dollar General



Oriental Trading Co

Best Inexpensive Baby Shower Prizes

You don’t have to buy expensive prizes to please your guests and encourage participation in your baby shower games. And your gifts do not have to be elaborate or large. 

A nail polish and file tied with ribbon (color code to your baby shower’s decor palette) can be an affordable and easy baby shower prize. You can find both of these items at any discount store for a couple of bucks.

Baby shower gifts on table

Just because the mommy-to-be can’t indulge in an adult alcoholic beverage doesn’t mean the rest of the guests have to suffer in solidarity. Show your support with two single-shot bottles of alcohol tied into a cellophane bag with a custom message and a ribbon.

Tumblers are always a popular gift idea. But if you don’t want to seem too cheap by just gifting a clear plastic cup, add some extra goodies inside. Hit up the dollar aisle and grab a few bags of various candies. And then include a small favor, like hand sanitizer, nail polish, or lotion.

Baby shower gifts on table

You can certainly go on the nose with your shower prizes by picking gifts your guests can use in the shower. Create a gift bundle using a loofah, a travel bottle of lotion, and body wash put inside a simple mason jar or another glass container.

Are you hosting a co-ed baby shower and needing a fun gift for men? You can’t get this prize at a dollar store, but your male guests will surely appreciate the extra effort. Buy a few glass bottles of beer and get custom labels that say “A Baby is Brewin'” for a cute baby shower gift for men!

DIY Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Coffee mug gifts are another adorable baby shower prize. You can find affordable coffee cups at any discount store. And if you have a vinyl machine like a Cricut or Silhouette, you can customize your mugs. 

Etsy is also a great source of mugs that have already been printed. Or, if you want to get the print made, you can customize them at home. Don’t forget to include a packet of tea or coffee inside your mug!

But you can also use these customized designs on dish towels, pot holders, coasters, 

Some of our favorite designs are:

Not sure about printing designs on your mugs? Instead, shop for pre-printed mugs at your favorite dollar store. You can usually get a set of two or three print mugs for less than $10 at most generic places. 

Then fill these mugs with dish towels – bought in bulk for savings – and a tea bag wrapped in twine or a pretty ribbon. 

Another fun – and yummy – idea is to fill your mug with confetti or other pretty fillings. Then add a coffee pod or single-serve coffee pouch and a delicious cube of chocolate.

You can also craft cute and fun pouf lollipops for minimal costs and effort. All you need are long sticks, cellophane bags, and shower poufs. 

Spend a few minutes putting together these wine softener packs to please your guests. All you need are small bottles of wine and some lip balms. Wrap these in pretty tulle and ribbon with a custom tag.

Soap bubble bottle, Thank you card and small chocolates on table

If you enjoy baking, share your yummy passion with your guests as baby shower gifts. You can package a few cookies (piped baby shower theme is fun if you have the time and experience), cake pops, muffins, chocolate molds, or lollipops.

Or go with savory bite-size items like quiche, taco bites, mini cornbread, jam, or puffs.

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Final Thoughts

Baby shower gifts help inspire your guests to participate and even compete for the prizes. But you don’t have to break your budget to please your guests. These inexpensive baby shower gift ideas will delight your guests and ensure that your items are used rather than trashed.

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