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How to Throw the Ultimate Sunflower Baby Shower

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A sunflower baby shower is a growing trend for gender-neutral parties hosted outdoors or for the MTB (mom-to-be) who loves spring and flowers. Find out the must-haves you need to make your sunflower baby shower a success. We’ve got sunflower invitations, decorations, a menu, thank you gifts, and party games. Keep this one-stop planner handy to host an unforgettable sunflower baby shower event.


What is a Sunflower Baby Shower?

Sunflower-themed baby showers are appropriate for boys or girls. But it can also work for a party where the gender is unknown or when the party is co-ed.

The easiest way to capture your theme is to use lots of elements of sunflowers, from the invites to the napkins and decor. But you can also shy away from the flowers in exchange for capturing the essence, such as a color palette consisting of yellow, brown, black, green, and white.

You can also host the party outdoors in a garden or backyard in the spring or summer to boost the sunflower theme. 

How to Throw a Sunflower Baby Shower

For a baby shower to be a successful, fun event for all, there are some recommended (dare we say necessary) components – food, games, prizes (or thank you gifts), and most of all, a theme.

Hence our obvious obsession for all things sunflower! And the reason we’re all here today – learning how to host the best darn ultimate sunflower baby shower. 

Baby Shower Schedule

Unless your baby shower plan includes a party influenced by Lambchops (sorry if I’m showing my age) that goes on and on and on, you’ll likely have a set time frame for your party to take place.

A schedule can keep things organized and running smoothly. And it ensures the mom-to-be and the guests can enjoy multiple activities without running out of time.

If you’re really into organization and planning, you can have multiple schedules. A handy list that helps you with all the pre-planning for the baby shower can make the big day more enjoyable and organized.  

Your schedule can be as complex and detailed or short and simple as you’d like. If you’re on a short time frame, you might want to try combining activities.

An easy-to-follow (and customizable) baby shower schedule (based on a two-hour party) is:

  • Arrival and start of party – The hostess greets guests, directs them towards the guest book or sign-ins, and provides instructions on the next steps (some parties may have a printed itinerary for the guests to read or to have as a keepsake of the event)
  • Fifteen minutes after the party starts – Initiation first party event (play games, serve food, make speeches). Depending on party length, this can last from 20 minutes to 1 hour.
  • 1 hour into the party – MTB opens presents (Get your baby-shower-themed gift tracker list for an easy way to keep track of presents and make thank you cards easier)
  • Following presents – MTB does cake, takes photos, and thanks the guests. Then any final activities are done based on the schedule.
  • End of the party – The hostess thanks each guest, gives sunflower-themed party favors, and offers farewell. If you have a guest list or want to keep track of participants, leave a sign-in book or other memorabilia keepsake near the party favors and remind each guest to sign it before leaving.

Theme Ideas

A sunflower-themed baby shower is an excellent choice for boys or girls or a gender-neutral theme. Potential ideas include:

  • “ray of sunshine”
  • “baby is blooming”
  • “the sunny mother”

The primary color palette for your theme would be cheerful yet non-dominant colors like sunny yellow, earthy brown, white, and neutral shades like gold, black, and beige.

Guests can be encouraged to wear something with the flower, bring a sunflower item, or wear sunflower-themed colors or floral prints. A fantastic way to make everyone participate is to offer a prize or raffle to those who follow instructions.

These ribbons are perfect for mommy and daddy-to-be to wear during the event.

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Menu Ideas

A sunflower-themed baby shower gives you the creative freedom to go in any direction for your menu. One fun option is to stock your menu with lots of yellow foods. Or you can pick spring foods, like fresh fruits or salads.


  • Salad with sunflower seeds 
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Quiche
  • Fruit tray with bananas
  • Muffins
  • Cheetos/cheese puffs
  • Apples with caramel sauce
  • Fried pickles



  • Sunflower cookies
  • Sunflower seed topped cupcakes
  • Banana pudding
  • Lemon bars


Cakes can also be an excellent way to incorporate sunflowers into your menu. You can have some versions as sunflowers, while others have the color and other fun baby shapes.

Keep your design simple and elegant with a centerpiece like a basic white cake decorated with fresh, faux, edible, or piped fresh sunflowers, yellow frosting, and green leaves. You can also opt for a cupcake tower or cupcakes arranged in the shape of a sunflower.

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Invitation Ideas

You can DIY make sunflower baby shower invites if you’re crafty and have the time. Or you can buy them made by someone else. 

Sites like Etsy and Amazon have customizable printed and digital baby shower invites. Or you can send a virtual invite or print digital copies off at home rather than buying cards already printed.

Decor Ideas

Sunflower-themed decor can have various shades of sunflowers. But it can also consist of different colors of yellow.


No baby shower is complete without playing baby-themed games. Etsy is the best place to pick up packs of games to use for a sunflower-inspired baby shower. Here are a few of my favorites!

Party Favors

Party favors are an excellent way to thank all the guests for attending a special occasion to celebrate the joyous occasion of a birth. And it’s a sweet way to offer a keepsake of the event while showing appreciation for the guest’s generosity.

Potential sunflower party favor ideas include:

Final Thoughts

Sunflowers make an excellent baby shower theme that can work for boys, girls, or pregnancies with unknown genders. Mothers-to-be that are cheerful, perky, nature-loving, or earthy are sure to feel the appeal of choosing a sunflower baby shower. But with a color palette of yellow, brown, white, and neutrals, this understated decor choice can also create a non-feminine baby shower.

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