17 Essential Items Every New Parent Should Have Before Baby Arrives

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Welcoming a new member into the family is exciting. As expectant parents prepare for the arrival of their bundle of joy, they need to stock up on essential items to ease the stress of parenthood. From practical necessities to comforting items, here are 17 essential items every new parent should have before their baby arrives:

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Crib or Bassinet

Ensuring your baby has a safe and comfortable place to sleep is paramount. Whether opting for a crib or bassinet, prioritize models that adhere to safety standards, such as sturdy construction and properly spaced slats. A crib offers longevity as it can accommodate your growing child for several years, while a bassinet provides a cozy, intimate space ideal for newborns.  

Car Seat

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Own a car? You need a properly installed car seat for safely transporting your baby. It’s not just about complying with the law; it’s about protecting your baby in the event of an accident. Select a car seat that meets safety standards and is suitable for your child’s age and size. Installing it correctly is crucial, so you can get help from a certified car seat technician. 

Diapers and Wipes

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Stocking up on diapers and wipes is essential for new parents as they navigate the whirlwind of caring for a newborn. Babies go through diapers rapidly, often needing multiple changes throughout the day and night. A sufficient supply ensures parents are prepared to handle diaper changes promptly, keeping their baby comfortable and dry. Additionally, wipes are invaluable for gentle cleaning during diaper changes and quick clean-ups of messes and spills.


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Clothing for your newborn is essential as they increase in their first few months. It’s wise to have a variety of sizes on hand, from newborn to 3-6 months, to accommodate their changing needs. Opt for soft, comfortable outfits that are easy to put on and take off, preferably with snaps or zippers for convenience during diaper changes. Consider weather-appropriate attire, including onesies, sleepers, and layers for warmth. 

Feeding Essentials

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Feeding essentials encompass the tools necessary for nourishing your baby, regardless of whether you choose breastfeeding or formula-feeding. For breastfeeding, consider investing in a supportive nursing pillow and absorbent nursing pads to aid in comfort and leakage prevention. Alternatively, for formula-feeding, ensure you have an adequate supply of bottles, appropriate formula, and a sterilizer to maintain cleanliness. 

Burp Cloths and Bibs

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These essential items help keep both parent and baby clean and dry, providing a practical solution for spit-up and spills. Burp cloths are designed to be placed over the shoulder or lap to catch any regurgitated milk, while bibs protect clothing from dribbles and drool. By having a supply of burp cloths and bibs readily available, new parents can tackle feeding sessions with confidence and ease.

Baby Bathtub

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A baby bathtub with a non-slip surface ensures a safe environment for bathing newborns. Its design provides stability, preventing slips and falls while allowing parents to confidently handle their baby during bath time. This essential item offers peace of mind, allowing parents to focus on bonding with their little one without worrying about safety hazards. Additionally, the ergonomic design of the baby bathtub makes it comfortable for both parent and baby, facilitating a more enjoyable bathing experience. 

Baby Monitor

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A reliable baby monitor is an essential tool for parents, offering peace of mind by allowing them to keep tabs on their baby’s well-being from another room. Whether a simple audio monitor or a more advanced video monitor with additional features like temperature sensors and two-way audio, a baby monitor enables parents to respond promptly to their baby’s needs. 

Swaddle Blankets

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Swaddling is when you snugly wrapp a baby in a blanket to help them feel secure and calm. Swaddle blankets are specially designed for this purpose, typically made from soft, breathable fabric. By swaddling your baby, you can mimic the feeling of being in the womb, soothing them and promoting better sleep patterns. 

Baby Carrier or Sling

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A baby carrier or sling is a convenient and practical way for parents to carry their baby while keeping their hands free. These wearable devices allow for close physical contact, promoting bonding between parent and child. You can choose baby carriers in differenr styles such as wraps, slings, and structured carriers, catering to different preferences and needs. 

Diaper Bag

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A diaper bag is a parent’s lifeline when moving. It is a portable storage unit for all baby essentials, from diapers and wipes to bottles and extra clothing. Choosing a spacious and well-organized diaper bag ensures parents can easily access everything they need while out and about with their little one. It’s not just about convenience; a well-stocked diaper bag provides peace of mind, knowing you’re prepared for any situation. 

Changing Table or Pad

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A dedicated changing area with a changing table or pad is essential for smooth and hygienic diaper changes. These surfaces offer a comfortable and secure space for parents to attend to their baby’s needs, whether at home or on the go. A changing table or pad also provides a safe environment for the baby, reducing the risk of accidents or falls during diaper changes.

Baby Thermometer

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A reliable baby thermometer is an indispensable tool for new parents to monitor their infant’s health. Fever is often the first sign of illness in babies, and a thermometer allows parents to accurately track their baby’s temperature, helping to detect any potential health concerns early on. Whether a traditional digital thermometer or a more advanced temporal artery thermometer, having one on hand provides peace of mind and allows parents to take prompt action if their baby’s temperature is elevated.

Baby Nail Clippers or Scissors

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Keeping your baby’s nails trimmed is crucial to prevent accidental scratching. Baby nail clippers are gentle and safe for tiny fingers. Trimming your baby’s nails regularly helps maintain their hygiene and reduces the risk of them inadvertently scratching themselves or others. 

Baby Toiletries

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These include gentle soap, shampoo, lotion, and diaper cream, all specifically formulated for delicate infant skin. These products help keep your baby clean, comfortable, and protected from irritation and diaper rash. Choosing baby-friendly toiletries ensures you’re using gentle ingredients that won’t cause harm or discomfort to your baby’s sensitive skin. Having these items readily available lets you maintain your baby’s hygiene and overall well-being, promoting a happy and healthy start to their life.

Baby Toys and Books

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Baby toys and books play a crucial role in stimulating your infant’s developing senses and encouraging early cognitive and motor skill development. Opt for age-appropriate toys that are safe, colorful, and engaging, such as soft rattles, textured toys, and simple mobiles. Introduce board books with bright pictures and simple words to foster language development and create bonding moments during storytime. These toys and books provide valuable sensory experiences and help lay the foundation for your baby’s future learning and exploration

Support Network

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This network can include family, friends, and other parents who can offer guidance, assistance, and emotional support during the challenging transition to parenthood. Having a support system can provide reassurance, reduce stress and build familial bonds. New parents feel less isolated and more confident in their abilities to navigate the ups and downs of caring for a newborn. 

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