How to Host the Ultimate Baby Shower Brunch

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Congratulations! You’ve been selected to host a loved one’s baby shower, and you couldn’t be more excited! Baby showers are a special time for friends and family to gather together to celebrate the mom-to-be.

However, planning the picture-perfect baby shower can feel slightly (or maybe very) overwhelming for the person organizing it all. 

If you’re looking for a simple, budget-friendly party idea, consider throwing a baby shower brunch. It really is the best of both worlds.

You have extra time to set up and prepare before everyone arrives, and the whole thing is over by lunchtime. 

Baby shower brunches are also laid-back and relaxed, which is precisely how the expectant momma should be spending her time.

So, if you’re searching for a detailed guide on how to throw the perfect baby shower brunch, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started! 

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How to Throw a Baby Shower Brunch

Throwing a baby shower brunch is surprisingly easy if you just follow these simple steps. We recommend jotting your ideas down on a tablet or paper and creating a specific bookmark on your computer’s browser for baby shower menu items, decor, favors, and anything else you think of along the way. 

Decide on a Date and Time 

The first step in the planning process is choosing a date, location, and time for the event to take place.

The most traditional time to throw a baby shower is in the second half of the third trimester, but you’ll have to play this by ear if there are health complications or other factors. 

Coordinate with both the mom-to-be and her closest relatives to determine what date and time work best for them.

Brunches typically happen between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. or from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Two hours is generally plenty of time for everyone to get together, play games, open gifts, and enjoy some delicious food. 

Once you have a few solid dates in mind, it’s time to pick the location.

Depending on the time of year, you could choose a public outdoor venue like a park, a family church, or maybe your loved one’s favorite restaurant. If a friend or family member volunteers to host the baby shower, even better!

That way, you have much more say in the preparation process. 

Choose a Theme and Decor 

There are so many cute baby shower brunch themes you can go with, and this really depends on the expecting momma’s preferences and your budget.

Here are some fun ideas that provide a lot of room for creativity: 

Bubbly Mom-osa Bar

Donuts and Diapers

Children’s Book-Themed Brunch

Watercolor Floral

A Baby is Brewing 

Pancake/French Toast Bar

Bagel Tower Brunch 

baby shower planner images

Send Invitations

After you’ve decided on the date and theme of your baby shower brunch, it’s time to send invitations! Of course, if you’re feeling crafty, you can always make your own. There are also many adorable options from Etsy and other sellers.

Check out a few of our favorites: 

Design a Menu 

The best part about having a baby shower brunch is that you have a large variety of foods to choose from. Both breakfast and lunch foods can be added to the menu. You certainly don’t have to serve a big, extravagant menu that requires lots of extra work.

But still think about the mom-to-be’s taste preferences and dietary needs.

For example, if she has a major sweet tooth but is also craving healthier foods, consider offering both options so she can indulge in whatever she wants.

Some of our favorite dishes to serve at a baby shower brunch are:

Scrambled Eggs

Egg Casserole with Cheese, Veggies, and Sausage or Bacon

Hard Boiled Eggs (Save time with these and make a big batch in the Instant Pot!)

Crepes with Fresh Fruit Fillings

Yogurt Parfait Station with Assorted Sweet and Savory Toppings (these granola cups would be adorable to include!)

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Photo by Champagne and Coffee Stains

Veggie Omelet Station

Belgian Waffle Bar 


Mini Sandwiches

Coffee, Tea, and Juice

Fresh Fruit Platter

Baked Goods (cinnamon rolls, biscuit and sausage gravy) 

Hash Browns

Pasta Salad

Don’t forget to pick up some adorable disposable plates and napkins. There are tons of options that look like real china (these are our favorites!)!

And then you can promptly throw them away at the end so clean up is a breeze.

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Plan Games and Activities 

Baby shower games and activities are an expected part of the special event, and there are many hilarious and entertaining options out there.

These activities are an excellent way for family and friends to relax, let loose, and grow closer together in the process. 

Here are several baby shower activities and games to make the planning process even easier: 

Blindfolded Diaper Changing: Side-splitting laughter is likely to be a by-product of this ultimate Mommy challenge. Choose several guests to compete against the mommy-to-be and give them each a baby doll and a diaper.

Then, blindfold each person, set a timer, and go! The first person to correctly change their baby’s diaper blindfolded wins! 

Minute to Win It Baby Products List-Off: Give each of your guests a piece of paper and something to write with. Have them list off as many baby products as they can in one minute. The person with the most correct items is the winner.

You can also give prizes for the most bizarre baby items as well! 

Celebrity Baby: Test your guests’ pop culture knowledge by handing them a sheet with photos of well-known celebritys’ babies.

Give them five minutes to write down the names of the baby’s parents underneath each picture. It’s wise to have a few extra baby photos in case there’s a tie. 

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Choose Favors and Prizes 

It’s always nice to have several different baby shower favors and prizes for games, raffles, and guests as a memento of the special occasion.

Of course, if you have the time and friends or family members to help, you can always make these yourself.

If not, here are a few cute ideas: 

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Prep the Location the Day Before

Now is the time to put all of your hard work together into one beautifully prepared event. Visit the baby shower brunch location a day before the event (if possible) to iron out any potential snags.

This is also when you would pick up any fresh flowers, put decorations up, and make sure you have enough food, plates, and utensils for all of your guests.

Once that’s finished, you’re ready to celebrate! 

Final Thoughts 

A baby shower brunch is a perfect way to celebrate your loved one as she prepares for motherhood. With a little planning and organization, you can make this special day one to remember for years to come.

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