How to Throw an Amazing Elephant Themed Baby Shower

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Throwing Elephant Theme Baby Showers are perfect for welcoming baby boys or girls! The great part about having a baby shower theme in mind is that you can quickly start collecting ideas on how to incorporate them all.

This fun and simple guide will not only give you plenty of adorable ideas on how to have an elephant theme baby shower, but we’ll also show you how to do so easily on a budget as well. 

There’s no reason to break the bank and add a ton of stress during a time when the focus should be on happiness and celebrations! 

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How To Throw An Elephant Baby Shower

It’s no surprise that baby showers require a bit of planning, but how much planning is there really to do? Before starting anything, understanding the true meaning of what an elephant baby shower is is key.

It’s evident that elephants are going to be a large part of the focus, but what else does that mean? Planning a baby shower with elephants as the focus means that you’re going to have fun making all the plans.

Elephants are adorable and cute and are a perfect way to make a baby shower gender-neutral. You can easily use an elephant baby shower theme as a way to celebrate boys and girls, both! 

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What To Serve at an Elephant Baby Shower

While it’s true that people will come to the shower to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival, they’re also going to show up with an appetite! Some shower food ideas include:


Peanuts (the perfect elephant food!) 

Animal Crackers

Safari snack mix (basically a trail mix that has fun animal shapes in it!)

Main Entrees

Circus foods are on my brain for this fun theme! 

Hot dogs

Corn dogs



Cotton Candy

Elephant Shaped Cookies

Nutter Butter cookies (because they look like peanuts!)


Orange punch (elephants love eating oranges!) 

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Shower Invitations

Here are a few of our favorite Elephant Baby Shower Invitations. There are so many cute ideas here for boys or girls!

Shower Decorations

Here are some of our favorite Elephant Baby Shower Decorating ideas:

Elephant Baby Shower Games

These are just a few fun games for your baby shower. Feel free to add to the list!

Cute Sayings For An Elephant Baby Shower

While calling it an “elephant baby shower” is totally fine, there are some other really fun, cute sayings to throw into the mix!

Join us in welcoming our “little peanut.”

“A little peanut is on its way!” 

You can have cute signs made with the saying or add the phrase to your invitations as well. 

Final Thoughts

Throwing a themed baby shower is always an exciting time! You can easily customize the shower to be for a baby boy, a baby girl, or both!

Planning ahead now will save you a ton of time and stress in the future and make it a much more relaxed atmosphere for everyone as well.

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