Baby Sprinkle vs. Baby Shower: Everything You Need to Know

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Baby Sprinkles are becoming more popular, but what exactly are they?

In this article, we’ll go over what a baby sprinkle is, how it’s different than a baby shower and how to host one!

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What Is a Baby Sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is like a baby shower, but for the second child and usually thrown if the child is the opposite gender of the first.

It’s delivered at a party with fewer guests, presents, and planned activities than other parties for expecting parents – like a baby shower.

Furthermore, unlike the traditional term of “shower,” which is used for a first baby, “sprinkle” is for second or third babies. The term was used in Australia during the 1990s, and since then, it has spread across Europe, Canada, and the United States.

If you’re having your second kid but don’t think you want to go all out (or have the time) for an entire baby shower, a baby sprinkle may be the option for you.

For some families, it’s also an opportunity to have a big celebration with family and friends – something they could not do when their first child was born. Also if you have new coworkers in your life this is a great chance for them to celebrate with you!

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Baby Sprinkle vs. Baby Shower: What’s the Difference?

Although a baby shower is usually thrown for the first child, a baby sprinkle typically celebrates a family’s second, especially if it’s of the opposite sex.

A baby shower has more guests and presents than a typical party hosted by someone else, but still less so than at an average event.

The time frame of these parties is also different: while most last between two to three hours, most sprinkles end after about an hour and a half to two hours.

If you want to host your own party, make sure it’s known that you want your party on a smaller scale since not everyone will understand what the term “baby sprinkle” means!

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Who Should I Invite to a Baby Sprinkle?

Just about anyone related to you and your partner, if that’s what you want. Some expectant parents may want to keep it intimate with close family and friends; others will invite everyone they know from high school or work.

The party host has the final say on how many people are invited. Still, hosts should remember it can be overwhelming for guests to make a baby shower-like commitment for several hours.

Should Kids Attend a Baby Sprinkle?

If you’re hosting the party, it’s up to you if you’d like kids in attendance. Some parties will have activities just for adults and others for the whole family.

Others may be kid-friendly, with some small children running around while the parents are at a different table.

Who Hosts a Baby Sprinkle?

In some cases, it’s traditional for a family member or friend to host the gathering. In other situations, a friend of the parents organizes this type of party. Coworkers can throw baby sprinkles too!

Usually, whoever is the host of the baby sprinkle also pays for the expenses. 

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Baby Sprinkle Theme Ideas

Usually, baby sprinkles are not done with a theme. If you’re interested in having a party with a theme, you could use a theme typically used for a baby shower. Some of our favorite themes are:


Nursery rhymes

Winnie the Pooh



Baby Sprinkle Games

While many baby sprinkle and showers are thrown without any games, some hosts still prefer to have them. if you’re interested in having some sprinkle games, here are a few that we love:

Are Food and Drinks Served at a Baby Sprinkle?

Food is usually served at baby sprinkles. The type of food depends on whether or not you have a theme for your party, but most people serve finger foods like mini sandwiches and cupcakes.

Some may even offer an open bar with beer and wine to their guests.

Brunch baby sprinkles are also becoming more popular! They’re great because they’re easily adaptable to the season and casual enough for a baby sprinkle.

For example, if it’s wintertime when your little one is due, you can serve muffins or more hearty breakfast foods.

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Do You Give Gifts at a Baby Sprinkle?

While there’s no real standard, it’s common practice to give gifts at a baby sprinkle. They can be the same as any gift you’d buy for a baby shower.

We recommend that a few weeks before the baby sprinkle, the parents-to-be set up a free baby registry (our favorites are Target, Amazon, and Buy Buy Baby).

Baby Sprinkle Party Favor Ideas

Baby sprinkle party favors aren’t required but can be a nice touch to add to your party. If you’re looking for gift ideas, here are a few classic baby sprinkle favors:






Mini bottles of champagne (these gift tags on Etsy are adorable!)

How Long are Baby Sprinkles?

Baby sprinkle length depends on the parents’ preference, but most last between two to three hours.

If you’re hosting a baby sprinkle and are having a hard time estimating how long the party will last, plan for an hour or so of food eating and mingling (it’s so nice to catch up with family you may not see very often).

When is the Best Time to Throw a Baby Sprinkle?

There is a lot of speculation about when the best time to have a baby sprinkle or shower is. Babies are unpredictable, so it’s hard to know exactly when they’ll arrive.

We’ve found the best time to throw a baby shower is usually during weeks 27-33 as the mom-to-be will still be feeling good and have more energy.

The later you get into the pregnancy, the more uncomfortable mom-to-be may be as her bump grows and the less likely she’ll want a big party.

How to Host a Virtual Baby Sprinkle

If you want to keep your friends who live in different parts of the country involved in your pregnancy (or you’re just far away from family), there’s an alternative: host a virtual baby sprinkle!

While it won’t be the same as a real one, it’s a meaningful way to include people who can’t be in person for your shower.

We recommend that you start by sending out invitations via email as this is still one of the most common ways to reach someone far away. In the invitation, include information on when you plan to start the virtual baby sprinkle.

We recommend using a service like Zoom to broadcast your virtual Sprinkle.

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During the Party

During the party, let in-person guests know you are planning to stream the baby shower. We recommend starting the zoom about 30 minutes after guests begin to arrive for the Sprinkle because it gives in-person guests time to be greeted and settle in.

While you’re on Zoom with virtual guests, we recommend using that time to open gifts and possibly playing a few games.

One of our favorite virtual baby sprinkle games to play is a Scavenger Hunt where both virtual and in-person guests can participate.

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After the Party

After the Sprinkle, take some time to let those who couldn’t be there know what they missed out on by sending an email with pictures from the day.

This way, people who couldn’t be there still get a sense of what it was like and can celebrate with you.


We hope you enjoyed this guide on the difference between a baby sprinkle and a baby shower.

Whether you’re planning your own or considering attending one, we hope that this guide gave you some information to help with your decision!

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