13 Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a Boy

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We all know the feeling – you’ve just been invited to a baby shower, and the joyous news is that it’s for a bouncing baby boy! But here’s where the puzzle kicks in: what’s the perfect gift for this soon-to-be little guy?

 If you’re anything like me, you probably want to find a present that’s not only practical and useful but also thoughtful and unique.

 It can be a real challenge to navigate through countless baby items and choose the one that will bring a smile to the new mom’s face.

The trick is baby boys, just like baby girls, require tons of stuff! From clothing to diapers, toys to care items, the list is never-ending. What’s more, babies outgrow things at lightning speed, so you want to give something that’ll stand the test of time, at least for a while. 

Not to mention, some gifts, while adorable, may not be practical or useful to a new mom. 

Plus, with so many baby gadgets and gizmos on the market, it’s tough to know which ones are genuinely worthwhile.

 Whether you’re looking for something basic and essential, a bit more personalized, or even a luxury item, I’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll go over the best baby shower gift ideas for a boy.

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Quick picks

  • Best Practical Gift: Diapers or Diaper Cake
  • Best Unique Gift: A personalized storybook
  • Best DIY Gift: A handmade baby blanket
  • Best Luxury Gift: High-end baby gear from their registry

Essential Gifts for Baby Boys 

Essentials are like the backbone of any baby shower gift list. These are the items that any new mom will need by the bucketload, regardless of whether they’re having a boy or a girl. 

And for baby boys, the essentials are just as important, if not more, considering all the adventures and messes these little ones are known for! 

So, let’s discuss some of these essential items and give you a handful of my top recommendations for each.


Babies are always on the go, meaning their clothes must be durable and comfortable. You can’t go wrong with soft cotton onesies, sleepers, and cute little t-shirts and shorts for warmer days. 

And remember, blue isn’t the only color for boys; don’t be afraid to play with a spectrum of colors! Brands like Carter’s and Gerber have wonderful collections of baby boy clothes that are both quality and cute.

I always recommend to my friends to buy sizes out of the traditional newborn sizing (my own babies never even fit into these!). Babies grow quickly, and the parents-to-be will appreciate some outfits their baby can wear in a few months. 

Diapers and wipes

As much as we wish they didn’t, babies go through diapers like there’s no tomorrow! A stockpile of diapers and wipes is always a welcome gift at any baby shower

Consider gifting a pack of eco-friendly diapers from brands like The Honest Company or Dyper

To make this gift a little more fun and unique, you could present the diapers in the form of a diaper cake. 

Baby care products

Skincare for baby boys is just as important as it is for baby girls. Gift a basket of baby care products, including items like a gentle shampoo, body wash, lotion, and diaper rash cream. 

Stores like Target and Amazon even sell pre-made gift baskets for you with all the essentials!

Feeding Supplies

Whether the baby boy is breastfed, formula-fed, or a mix of both, feeding supplies are crucial. Bottles, bibs, burp cloths, and high chairs are all essential.

 Philips Avent has a wide range of baby feeding supplies that are durable and easy to clean. If you want to go a step further, consider a baby blender for when the little one starts solids. Brands like NutriBullet make excellent baby food blenders.

Choosing these essential items as gifts shows your care and understanding for the soon-to-be mom and her little boy. It tells them you’re not just excited about the baby’s arrival, but also ready to lend a supportive hand in this new journey.

Unique Baby Boy Shower Gifts

When it comes to baby shower gifts, sometimes it’s those unique, personalized items that leave a lasting impression and make the new mom feel extra special. 

These gifts not only show your thoughtfulness but also create a strong bond between the baby and the gift giver. 

Let’s take a look at some distinctive and unique gift ideas that will set your present apart from the crowd.

Customized Baby Boy Items

 There are plenty of online stores that offer this service, like Etsy. Not only will these items be practical, but they’ll also be one-of-a-kind pieces that the mom-to-be can cherish.

Customization is a wonderful way to make a common baby gift unique. Consider items like customized baby blankets, onesies, or bibs with the baby boy’s name or initials.

Keepsakes and Memory Books

A baby’s first year flies by, and having keepsakes and memory books help parents capture those precious moments. A baby’s first-year photo frame or a handprint and footprint kit are thoughtful gifts that mom and dad will appreciate. 

Also, a memory book, where parents can jot down milestones and attach pictures, can be a priceless gift. 

Personalized Storybooks

There’s nothing quite like the bond that forms when parents read to their child. How about a storybook where the baby boy is the main character? Personalized storybooks are a heartwarming gift that parents can enjoy with their child for years. 

Companies like Wonderbly offer a range of personalized books that you can customize with the baby’s name and sometimes even characteristics, creating a truly unique story.

Remember, a baby shower gift doesn’t always have to be about how much you spend but rather about the thought and care you put into choosing something meaningful. 

Unique gifts like these will be appreciated and remembered long after the baby shower ends. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

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DIY Baby Shower Gifts 

There’s something incredibly special about a handmade gift. It speaks volumes about the love and effort you’ve put into creating something unique for the little one. 

Handcrafted presents carry a personal touch that store-bought items simply can’t replicate.

For those of you with a knack for crafts, or even for beginners looking to try something new, let’s dive into some beautiful DIY baby shower gift ideas.

Crochet Baby Clothes and Blankets

If you’re proficient with a pair of knitting needles or know how to crochet (there are many YouTube tutorials out there that will even teach you how), why not create some cozy clothes or a snuggly blanket for the baby boy? 

You could knit a lovely sweater, a cute hat, or even a soft, warm blanket. 

Choose colors that are comforting and gender-neutral if you like. This is a gift that mom and baby can cherish for years, remembering the warmth and love you stitched into it.

Here’s the video I used myself to learn how to make crochet baby blankets:

Handmade Toys

A soft, cuddly, handmade toy can quickly become a baby’s best friend. If sewing is your forte, consider making a plushie or a baby-safe stuffed animal.

If you’re into woodworking, a simple, well-sanded wooden toy can also be a hit. Just make sure all materials and paints you use are non-toxic and baby-safe.

DIY Baby Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a beautiful way to record memories, and making one yourself adds an extra layer of love. You can prepare a scrapbook with spaces left for baby’s photos, footprints, birth details, and other milestones.

 Decorate it with cute stickers, baby-themed quotes, or anything else you think the mom would love. It’s a heartwarming gift that lets parents capture their baby’s first moments and revisit them whenever they want.

Remember, a DIY gift doesn’t have to be perfect – it’s the thought, effort, and love you put into it that makes it special. 

These gifts show that you’ve invested not just your money, but also your time and skills, which adds a whole new level of appreciation. 

So, get your craft supplies ready and start creating!

Luxury Gifts for Baby Boy

Sometimes, a baby shower is the perfect opportunity to indulge and splurge on those luxurious items that a new mom might not buy for herself. 

If you’re in the mood to pamper the baby boy and his mom-to-be with a bit of luxury, there are plenty of high-end options out there that are not only extravagant but also practical. 

Let’s dive into some lavish baby shower gift ideas that are sure to impress.

High-End Baby Gear

When it comes to baby gear, some products stand out for their superior quality, innovative design, and sleek looks. For example, the Stokke Xplory stroller, with its unique design, offers high seating and is incredibly maneuverable. 

Or consider the Nuna PIPA Lite LX, one of the lightest infant car seats available, which doesn’t compromise on safety or style. 

These kinds of luxury baby gear can be a game-changer for new moms, making their lives easier while ensuring their little one is comfortable and secure.

Designer Baby Clothes

Clothing is a necessity for a newborn, but who says it can’t be chic and stylish? Designer baby clothes make a fashion statement and are typically made from high-quality materials that are gentle on the baby’s skin. 

Brands like Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Armani Junior offer adorable baby boy collections that can turn any baby into a trendsetter.

Luxury Baby Care Products

Luxury isn’t just about the big-ticket items. Splurging on high-end baby care products can make a difference too. Premium brands like Mustela and Little Aurelia offer skincare products specifically formulated for a baby’s delicate skin, free from harmful chemicals, and enriched with natural ingredients.

A gift set from these brands would be a luxurious treat for both mom and baby.

While luxury gifts are certainly a treat, remember that it’s the thought behind the gift that truly counts. But if you’re willing and able to splurge, these luxurious gift ideas will surely add a wow factor to the baby shower, and be much appreciated by the mom-to-be.

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Gifts to Avoid Giving at a Baby Shower

While the goal is to shower the mom-to-be with love and gifts for her little one, there are certain items that might be better to avoid. 

Even with the best intentions, some gifts may not be as helpful or appropriate as you might think.

Let’s shed some light on what these are and why you should reconsider before adding them to your shopping cart.

Overly Loud Toys

While babies need stimulation and engagement, excessively loud toys can sometimes do more harm than good. They can overstimulate the baby and become a source of constant noise in the house.

Opt for gentler, quieter toys that can engage the baby without causing a racket.

Items with Small Parts

This one might seem obvious, but it’s always worth repeating. Anything with small, detachable parts is a potential choking hazard for babies.

Always make sure to check the age guidelines on toys and other items before purchasing.

Secondhand Safety Gear

While reusing items is generally a great practice, it’s best to avoid secondhand safety gear, like car seats or cribs. Safety standards are constantly being updated, and you want to ensure that the gear you gift meets the current safety criteria.

Scented Baby Products

While the aroma of lavender or vanilla might be pleasant to us adults, scented baby products can potentially irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. 

When choosing skincare or bathing products, it’s best to stick to unscented and hypoallergenic ones.

Clothing in Premie or Newborn Sizes

Babies grow astonishingly fast and often outgrow their newborn clothes within weeks. It might be better to gift clothing in larger sizes (3-6 months or even 6-9 months) that the baby can grow into.

Remember, every mom and baby are unique, and what works for one might not work for another. If you’re unsure about a particular gift, don’t hesitate to ask the mom-to-be what she prefers or check her registry. 

After all, the most appreciated gift is one that’s both thoughtful and useful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for a baby boy shower?

The best gift can vary depending on personal preferences, but a pack of eco-friendly diapers and wipes is always a practical choice that will definitely be appreciated by any new mom.

What is an acceptable baby shower gift?

Acceptable baby shower gifts range from essential baby care items, clothes, and feeding supplies, to personalized keepsakes, hand-knit blankets, and high-end baby gear.

What to gift a boy child?

For a baby boy, consider items such as cute clothes, soft toys, personalized storybooks, or keepsake memory books.

What do you put in a baby shower basket?

A baby shower basket can include a variety of items such as baby care products, small toys, a cute onesie, a bib, a soft blanket, and perhaps a sweet note for the mom-to-be.

What is the best gift for a baby?

The best gift for a baby is one that is practical, safe, and can be used over time. Items like clothes, diapers, wipes, feeding supplies, or soft, safe toys are always great options.

What do guys do during a baby shower?

Some guys attend the baby shower and participate in the festivities, while others might prefer to have a “Dad-chelor” party with friends. It depends on personal preference and cultural practices.

What is the male version of a baby shower?

The male version of a baby shower is often referred to as a “Dad-chelor” party, where expectant fathers celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby, often with their friends. It typically involves activities and themes that the expectant dad enjoys.

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