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How to Throw a Christmas Themed Baby Shower

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A classy, elegant theme for a winter baby shower is a Christmas-themed baby shower. The holiday is already a festive, cheerful time to celebrate with family and friends!

You can ride the coattails of this joy by blending the Christmas theme into your baby shower. 

In this post, we’ll share with you our tips and picks on how to throw the best Christmas Themed baby shower!

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What is a Winter Christmas Theme Shower?

This type of shower can incorporate winter elements, like snow, evergreens, and ugly sweaters. Or it can use Santa, gingerbread men, and a traditional color theme of red and green.

A baby shower based on a winter or Christmas theme can be one of the easier showers to plan because you can also use seasonal decorations that aren’t traditionally baby shower decorations, like Christmas trees, snow, and ornaments.

Most people go all-out decorating their homes – inside and out – for the Christmas holiday. 

You can incorporate these props into your baby shower theme, giving you less to do when it’s time to set up your winter Christmas shower.

How to Throw a Winter Christmas Themed Shower?

Hosting a winter or Christmas-themed baby shower doesn’t have to be difficult. You can rely on the existing decor for less work or use it as inspiration for a compatible set for your invites and other baby shower stationary. 

There are several components to focus on when throwing winter and Christmas-themed baby showers.

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Baby Shower Schedule

Having a baby shower schedule can help you with the entire planning of your baby shower. Your plan will help you determine how long your baby shower should last.

It will also help you ensure you include all the desired activities within the allotted time frame. Your baby shower schedule can be short and sweet or detailed and elaborate. 

Common activities included in a baby shower schedule are greeting the Mommy-to-be, snacks or meal serving, baby shower games, and gifts. Speeches or toasts are another popular activity.

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Theme Ideas 

A winter or Christmas baby shower can focus on several themes. Or you can even combine a few different ones to get the look you want. 

Some popular ideas that you can incorporate into your baby shower include themes based on Christmas songs like

Winter wonderland

Baby it’s cold outside

Oh Holy night

and other popular Christmas music. 

You can also use common winter themes like ugly sweaters, pajamas, winter wonderland, candy canes, cookies, and other winter candies. 

Color themes can also work as a theme – red and white (candy cane) or green, white, and red. Other Christmas and winter-themed ideas include:

Santa and elves



Vintage winter owls

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Menu Ideas

One of the best things about the Christmas holidays is the yummy food. Hosting a winter or Christmas-themed baby shower wouldn’t make sense without incorporating some Christmas food into your menu. 

Setting up self-serve bars can be an excellent way to display your baby shower menu and make it easy to offer refreshments to your guests.

Popular winter and Christmas-themed baby shower menus include a hot cocoa table stocked with candy canes, marshmallows, and toppings. In addition, taco bars, sandwich stations, baked potato bars, or soup setups can be suitable choices.

Want something more interactive? How about a sugar cookie decoration table, a popcorn pop station? Or a Christmas cake decorating set?

Other foods to use for winter or Christmas-themed baby showers are:

Fruit/veggie tray

Turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce

Individual pumpkin pies

Mini crab cakes

Pasta salad

Macaroni pie

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Invitation Ideas

Many people use their baby shower invites to announce their shower theme. Etsy is one of the best places to get customized invites that feature your theme and a personalized message of the mommy and baby-to-be.

And you can save money and time by buying a bundle. These sets would include invitations and matching party games, thank you cards, welcome signs, and other themed pieces.

Awesome invitation themes include:

Decoration Ideas

If decorating for your baby shower fills you with dread, you’ll love that you can get by with little to no work with winter or Christmas-themed baby showers. 

You can incorporate the existing decorations, like Christmas lights, the Christmas tree, garland, mistletoe, and snow (homemade snowflakes are a fun craft to do with siblings).

Or you can instruct all your guests to wear ugly sweaters for a contest. Then incorporate this into your decor with banners, garlands, invitations, and an ugly sweater welcome poster.

Gingerbread houses can also be fun, interactive decor for your baby shower. You can include gingerbread families that each guest can decorate. Try these fun family cookie cutters!    

Other decorations you can use include:

Baby Shower Games

No baby shower is complete without some games! Some of our favorite games are diaper raffles, word scrambles and baby shower bingo. Here are a few of our favorite Christmas themed baby shower games

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Party Favor Ideas

The purpose of a baby shower is for friends and loved ones to shower the impending mother with gifts to help prepare for the new baby’s arrival. 

Many baby shower hosts choose party favors to send home with their guests as a thank you and a sweet remembrance keepsake. Etsy is your best one-stop shop to find customized and unique shower favors. 

Final Thoughts

Hosting a baby shower during winter or Christmas can be an excellent choice when you have many family and friends living out of town.

Many people can only come home during the major holidays, making it easier to get everyone together for a baby shower during winter occasions. 

There are already lots of decorations and a festive, joyful attitude. You can use this wave of excitement right through your baby shower, from the invites and decor to the food to the party favors you send home with your guests. 

Did you throw a Christmas-themed baby shower? We’d love to hear how it went in the comments below!

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