How to Throw a Care Bear Baby Shower

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There’s nothing cuter than a Care Bear, except maybe the new bundle of joy you’ll be celebrating when you throw an adorable Care Bear Baby Shower for your friend or relative. These fuzzy bear-themed parties are perfect for either gender, and you can easily modify them for a gender-neutral shower. 

If you have a momma-to-be who was born in the ’80s, a Care Bear baby shower is not only cute, but it’s also a trip down memory lane! So feel free to bring out all of the rainbows decorations your heart desires to create a truly authentic Care Bear atmosphere to celebrate your loved one’s new arrival. 

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What is a Care Bear?

First of all, let’s talk about what Care Bears are. Remember when you were a kid and you used to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings? Well, that was probably The Care Bears Family. These fuzzy characters were originally created in 1982 by American Greetings for greeting cards, but it didn’t take long before they became animated and merchandised. This is what gave birth to the Care Bear Cousins and their cousin, Cheer Bear – who had a pink and purple color scheme that contrasted with the rest of the group. The Care Bears themselves were primarily white as well as their belly markings.

Their names are as cuddly as they look: Brave Heart Lion, Cheer Bear, Funshine, Grumpy, Tenderheart, Champ Bear, Love-A-Lot Bear. Each one represents a different trait or emotion that you’d expect to see in a newborn baby: Brave Heart is courage; Cheer Bear embodies positive energy; Funshine brings joy and happiness; Grumpy is adaptable and flexible; Tenderheart is kind and gentle; Champ Bear represents determination and courage in the face of adversity; Love-A-Lot Bear radiates love. The Care Bears have been loved by people all over the world since they debuted, so it makes sense that they’d also be loved by expectant parents!

How to Throw a Care Bear Baby Shower

The best part about a Care Bear baby shower is that you can throw one at any time of year. It’s especially appropriate for spring because of the bears’ bright colors and rainbows. Regardless of when you choose to hold your loved one’s shower, here are a few helpful suggestions:

  • If you can’t find authentic Care Bear pictures or figurines, regular teddy bears will do
  • Rainbow-colored banners, signs, and centerpieces are a must!
  • Try mixing and matching different Care Bear-themed colors for tablecloths and plates/silverware 

Food and Drinks to Serve

If you’re looking for food ideas for your Care Bear baby shower, here are some delicious ideas: 

Appetizers and Dips

Fruit Salad

Veggie Tray with Brightly Colored Sweet Peppers

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

Gummy Bears

Teddy Grahams and Rainbow-colored Marshmallows

Main Entrees

Bear-Shaped Sandwiches

Care Bear(ito) Taco and Burrito Bar

Butternut Squash Soup 

Beary Delicious Honey-Glazed Wings


Rainbow Sherbet 

Care Bear Rainbow Layered Cake

Rainbow-Colored Cupcakes

Rainbow Cake Truffles

Bear-Shaped Jello Jigglers


Rainbow Punch

Koolaid Bar

Fruited Raspberry Tea

Rainbow Slushies

Water with Rainbow Ice Cubes


These bright and colorful invitations are just too cute!

Baby Shower Decorations

Care Bear baby shower decorations are all about rainbows and cheer. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Care Bear Baby Shower Games

Check out these fun Care Bear baby shower games: 

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Favors and Prizes

Send your guests home with some nostalgic Care Bear baby shower favors they’re sure to love! 

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Final Thoughts: 

Care Bear baby showers are an adorable way to celebrate your friend or loved one’s new bundle of joy and bring back cherished childhood memories.  

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care bear baby shower pinterest pin with balloons and couple

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