How to Throw a Harry Potter Themed Baby Shower

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If you’re looking for inspiration on how to throw a Harry Potter baby shower, you’re in the right place. So, grab your bags, magic wand, and house colors to meet at platform 9 ¾. 

This Express train is loaded and ready to depart – next stop, Hogwarts, via a Harry Potter baby shower theme! And best of all, you can rock this Hollywood-themed shower for expectant mothers of boys, girls, or surprise genders.

You can even do a Wizard, or witch gender reveals!

Get your part y notebook or shopping finger ready because we’re off to a mystical world.

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What is a Harry Potter Baby Shower?

The name Harry Potter strikes joy and excitement in the minds of fans worldwide. You’ve likely seen the movies if you haven’t read the books. 

If you’re a super Potter fan, there are many ways to incorporate this theme into a baby shower.

From something as simple as lightning bolts to wizard hats and house-themed color palettes, we’ve flicked our wands and said the magic words to conjure up the perfect Harry Potter baby shower pieces.

Harry Potter baby showers are excellent affordable DIY jobs. And it’s the perfect theme for either gender or a non-gendered party. 

How to Throw a Harry Potter Baby Shower

You don’t have to do much work or spend a lot of cash to emulate the look and feel of a baby shower with a fun, magical Happy Potter theme. 

The trending popularity of the Harry Potter brand means it’s relatively easy to find anything you could want to host a baby shower. But even better, this theme gives you plenty of opportunities for DIY crafts. 

You’ll be the envy of your Pinterest followers and a hero when they find out how little effort your theme took. But if you’d prefer to buy the goods already done, we’ve got recommendations for that too. 

Baby Shower Schedule

Most people don’t print and provide a baby shower schedule for their guests, but it can come in handy for the host or party planner.

However, you don’t have to create a detailed baby shower schedule. Just having a rough idea of how the party will progress can determine how long to tell your guests to plan to stay, as well as timing of the games and activities.

Generally, you’ll want to set aside time for the following activities –

Baby shower games





Greetings and farewells

More elaborate showers include speeches, videography, full-course meals, music, and dancing. A typical baby shower lasts an hour and a half (90 minutes) to three hours. 

Theme Ideas for a Harry Potter Baby Shower

There are many fun ways to incorporate your Harry Potter theme throughout your party. Like this adorable spell-themed expecting patronum mom shirt! Or, instead of a shirt, how about a sash for mommy-to-be?

And ensure your theme matches throughout your party with a Harry Potter baby shower bundle which includes games, food labels, thank you cards, and more. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

Menu Ideas

You can use this gold wing design to decorate chocolates, cupcakes, or cake pops to look like the signature snitch. 

Jelly beans are frequent in the movies, so why not incorporate them into your menu? You can buy Harry Potter jelly beans or use regular ones with an HP label like these.

“Cockroach” pecan clusters

Deviled “dragon” eggs

Pumpkin pasties

Vegetable platters

Sandwiches – make them Basilisk by using olives as eyes and red pepper for the tongue

Invitation Ideas

A Harry Potter baby shower theme, should be evident from beginning to end. Your invitations are the perfect opportunity to get creative and announce your shower’s theme.

Make sure the invites include all the pertinent info. And if you want to make things more fun, instruct guests to dress as their favorite house – All hail Gryffindor. 

For an authentic touch, send your invitations via snail mail and seal each stationery envelope with a wax seal.

Writing each letter and addressing the envelopes in a beautiful calligraphy font are thoughtful touches that enhance the Potter theme. 

These foldable baby shower invites can be perfect if you prefer to be more hands-off with your Harry Potter theme. It even thoughtfully encourages the attendance of muggles with keepsake tickets!

Another excellent idea you can repeat in your decorations is an aged, yellowed paper with a creepy font, announcing one of the movie’s best lines – “I solemnly swear that I am up to No good.” 

Here are a few of our favorite invitations!

Decoration Ideas

You can go as elaborate or simple as you want with your decorations. Banners, balloons, welcome signs, and labels for the food and gift tables are popular baby shower decor essentials. 

For a Harry Potter baby shower, represent all four houses, so everyone feels welcome with this set of four house banners.

Party Favor Ideas

A good baby shower host won’t send her guests home empty-handed. So here are a few fun party favor ideas for your Harry Potter theme.

How cute are these house robe-themed gift bags that you can use to serve up your party favors to your guests?!

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Final Thoughts

And there you have it! We’ve given you some of the best ideas for how to throw a Harry Potter baby shower. Remember that any successful baby shower should focus on decor, the menu, invitations, and party favors. 

Scheduling your baby shower out can help you give guests an accurate expectation of the party length. And remember to include the most crucial info on your invites – the location, time, date, mom-to-be’s name, specific instructions, and RSVP information.

Adding the baby registry information is an excellent way to ensure the expectant parents get their needed essentials.

Not a Harry Potter baby shower fan? We got you covered with plenty of others, like Care Bears, Teddy Bear, or cute Woodland Animals!

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