How to Throw an Adorable Teddy Bear Baby Shower

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Teddy bears are one of the well-loved stuffed animals, and rarely does a baby shower go by where one of the gifts isn’t a soft, plush bear for a baby to love and cuddle. So why not throw a teddy bear-themed baby shower? 

We’ve gathered together a “beary cute” list of teddy bear baby shower ideas full of honey-kissed foods, eye-catching invitations, and entertaining games and party favors. Choose from a selection of teddy bear party themes or create your own memorable event to celebrate a loved one’s new baby. 

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How to Throw a Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Teddy bear baby showers are perfect for every season, although their cuddly furry characteristics make them particularly appealing during the colder months. Something about teddy bears makes you want to curl up by a cozy, warm fire. However, you can adapt your venue and decorations to whatever the mother-to-be desires. 

There are many potential teddy bear baby shower themes out there, and you can easily customize color schemes and decorations to be gender-neutral or for boys or girls. Here are just a few possible baby shower themes: 

  • We Can Bearly Wait
  • Winnie the Pooh 
  • Beary Cute
  • A Royal Teddy Bear Shower
  • Ahoy Teddy Bear  

What to Serve at a Teddy Bear Baby Shower

There are so many adorably delicious teddy bear baby shower meal ideas, it will be difficult to decide which ones to serve. From sweet and savory Teddy Graham snack mix to decadent bear macarons, every one of the following options will be a hit. 

Appetizers and Dips

Teddy Bear Snack Mix

Honey Dijon Cheese Ball and Crackers

Gummy Bears

Mixed Fresh Fruit and Cream Cheese Dip

Bear Claw Donuts 

Main Entrees

Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls

Hawaiian Roll Sliders 

Honey Apple Pork Loin

Teddy Bear Pancakes

Teddy Bear-Shaped Sandwiches


Teddy Bear Paw Cookies

Teddy Bear Vanilla Cupcakes

Teddy Bear Cake 

Beary Cute Macarons

Ultimate Nutella Milkshake


Apple Cider in Honey Bear Containers

Hot Tea with Honey 

Pink Lemonade

Chocolate Milk

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Example Teddy Bear Shower Schedule

While you don’t have to have a schedule for a baby shower, we like to have a general idea of what will happen throughout the day.

Here’s a sample schedule for a fall baby shower:

1-1:30 pm – Guests arrive and mingle

1:30 – 2 pm – Shower Hostess says a few words and outlines what to expect with when you’re planning food, games and gift opening. This would also be a good time to do a warm up game, like our favorite baby scavenger hunt. This game can help other guests meet each other. If you’re doing a diaper raffle, we recommend introducing it at this time so guests have time to drop off their gift and fill out any raffle entries.

2 – 3 pm – Food and drinks are available

3-4 pm – Baby shower gift opening and diaper raffle. We like to sprinkle raffle prizes in between gifts to keep guests engaged and entertained.

If you’re having part of your shower virtual, this is a great time to have guests log into Zoom!

4-5 pm – Final games and goodbyes

To make planning even easier, be sure to download a copy of our Ultimate Baby Shower Planner!

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Teddy Bear Baby Shower Checklist

Ready to start planning? Here’s our ultimate checklist for planning a baby shower:


  1. Decide on a Theme
  2. Decide on Time and Venue
  3. Pick a Menu
  4. Pick out invitations
  5. Decide if you want to include a virtual option
  6. Create a guest list
  7. Send out Invitations

Party Prep

  1. (If you’re the mom to be) Check your registry and make sure there are enough gifts of all price ranges
  2. Order Decorations
  3. Decide what you want to serve
  4. Create a gift table and decorate it appropriately
  5. (If applicable) Make a diaper raffle basket or gift basket for guests to pick from for their gift
  6. Check in with guests who have not sent RSVPs yet
  7. (if applicable) Schedule Zoom or virtual online meeting (here’s our tips for planning a virtual baby shower)

Day Of

  1. Assemble decorations around the house wherever they will look best
  2. Hang streamers, balloons, paper garlands, and other decorations as needed.
  3. Pick up any ordered food, drinks or desserts
  4. Enjoy the party!

Shower Invitations 

Check out the following cute and cuddly teddy bear baby shower invitations: 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Decorations 

Whether you’re decorating for a girl, boy, or planning on a surprise, there are teddy bear baby shower decorations for every situation. Check out the following adorable options: 

Shower Games

Entertain your guests with these cute and creative teddy bear baby shower games: 

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Favors and Prizes:

Send guests home with something memorable with these teddy bear baby shower favors and prizes: 

Final Thoughts: 

Teddy bears have a special place in many people’s hearts, and a teddy bear-themed shower is a perfect way to celebrate the arrival of your friend or family member’s bundle of joy. 

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