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How to Throw an Adorable Rubber Duck Baby Shower

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Looking for a cute baby shower theme that works for both baby boys and girls? Consider throwing a Rubber Duck Baby Shower! Rubber Ducks are one of our favorite themes for baby showers because it’s so adorable and can be thrown any time of the year!

Celebrate baby and the parents-to-be with these cute Rubber Duck baby shower ideas. In this post, you’ll find everything you need to create the best Rubber Duck baby shower – from party schedules, menu ideas, shower games and more!


Color Scheme

When it comes to a Rubber Duck Baby Shower, you can really have fun with the color scheme! You can go traditional with yellow and blue, or get creative and use pink and green or really any color rubber duck! The nice thing is there’s a huge assortment of Rubber Ducks in all different colors and designs available on websites like Amazon so you’re not limited in what color scheme you choose.

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Example Rubber Duck Baby Shower Schedule

While you don’t have to have a schedule for a baby shower, we like to have a general idea of what will happen throughout the day.

Here’s a sample schedule for a fall baby shower:

1-1:30 pm – Guests arrive and mingle

1:30 – 2 pm – Shower Hostess says a few words and outlines what to expect with when you’re planning food, games and gift opening. This would also be a good time to do a warm up game, like our favorite baby scavenger hunt. This game can help other guests meet each other. If you’re doing a diaper raffle, we recommend introducing it at this time so guests have time to drop off their gift and fill out any raffle entries.

2 – 3 pm – Food and drinks are available

3-4 pm – Baby shower gift opening and diaper raffle. We like to sprinkle raffle prizes in between gifts to keep guests engaged and entertained.

If you’re having part of your shower virtual, this is a great time to have guests log into Zoom!

4-5 pm – Final games and goodbyes

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Menu Ideas

Here are some of our favorite foods to serve at a Rubber Duck themed baby shower:

Rubber Duck Fruit Platter – Serve a variety of fruit cut into the shape of rubber ducks.

Rubber Duck Cookies – These can be made easily with a duck-shaped cookie cutter!

Yellow and Blue Jello – Try making different shades of jello in bowls and create a rubber duck pond on your dessert table.

Quackers (Mini Cheese Balls) – These are always a hit with kids and adults!


Now that you have your menu and colors planned, it’s time to pick out some invitations! Here are our favorite Rubber Duck-themed invitations.


After you have your invitations picked out it’s time to get decorating! Here’s our favorite decorations for a rubber ducky baby shower.


No baby shower is complete without some fun games! Here are a couple of our favorites to play at a Rubber Duck Baby Shower:

Pin the Tail on the Duck – This is a classic game that can be easily tailored to a rubber duck theme. Simply print out a picture of a rubber duck and cut out tails for each player.

Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt – This is a fun game that can help guests get to know each other. Print out a list of items related to babies and have guests search for them around the house or yard.

Rubber Duck Drop – Fill up a few small rubber ducks with water and freeze them. Then, have guests take

Duck, Duck Goose! – This is a classic kids game that can be easily played at a baby shower.

If you prefer printable games, here are some of our favorite printable baby shower games.

Party Favors

Here are our favorite Rubber Duck themed party favors. These party favors also make great prizes for baby shower games!

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Best Time to Throw a Rubber Duck Baby Shower

A Rubber Duck Baby Shower can be thrown any time of the year, but we think they’re perfect for a Spring baby shower!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to throw a Rubber Duck Baby Shower! This theme is perfect for both baby boys and girls, and can be thrown any time of the year! If you have any other great ideas for this theme, be sure to share them with us in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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