How to Throw a Pastel Themed Baby Shower

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Pastel baby shower themes are a fantastic choice for celebrating the upcoming arrival of boys, girls, or births of unknown genders. A baby shower revolving around a pastel theme means you’ll use lots of soft, pale colors like pink, blue, yellow, green, or lavender. The best thing about using pastel baby shower themes is that you can pair them with nearly any other baby shower theme, like sunflowers

Check out how to throw a pastel baby shower, including theme ideas, menu recommendations, invitations, decor choices, and everything else you need to throw the ultimate pastel baby shower.

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What is a Pastel Baby Shower?

Pastel baby showers can be anything, from animals to floral to fun themes like construction or princesses. However, the common thing they all have in common is that you use light, soft pastel colors. 

Pale baby pink is the most popular choice for welcoming the birth of girls. And soft baby or pale blue is often chosen for boys. To celebrate the arrival of a surprise gender or gender neutrality, you can mix pastels like barely-there yellow, lavender purple, and sage green.

How to Throw a Pastel Baby Shower?

Throwing a pastel baby shower can be super easy. There’s no limit to the pastel decor you can use for a pastel party. 

Your baby shower can be as elaborate or as brief as you want. Things you’ll want to plan for a pastel baby shower include your location, menu, prizes, thank you gifts, decorations, and a schedule.

Baby Shower Schedule

A schedule helps your baby shower stay on track so you can get to all the fun activities before you run out of time. 

If you’re renting a location for your party, it’s crucial to have an organized plan to keep things going smoothly. Your schedule can be as simple as allotting enough time for:

  • Arrival and greeting the host
  • Events – games, eating, presents, announcements or toasts, photos
  • Wrapping up the party

Or you can draw your party out to cover a few hours or even an all-day event. 

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Theme Ideas

Choosing a theme for your pastel baby shower should bring you lots of excitement and fun. You can use a combined theme to express the personality of the Mom-to-Be or do a more modern party that’s co-ed.

Popular themes to mix with a pastel color palette include rainbows, Winnie the Pooh, hot air balloons, unicorns, Bohemian, floral, polka dots, and animals

Menu Ideas

You can serve a limited menu of finger foods and a baby shower cake for your baby shower. 

Or you can serve a full menu, from appetizers to desserts. Fill your tables with pastel-colored foods, like fruit baskets, pastries, macaroons, cupcakes, main courses, and colored punches. 

Finger foods/Appetizers


  • Sliders
  • Barbeque
  • Pizza
  • Meatballs
  • Taco bar
  • Fish



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Invitation Ideas

Your invitations are crucial pieces of information that you can’t mess up. Take it from someone who sent out a birthday party invite with a kickin’ theme – Tiki party time! – and all the important info. Except for the most important part – the date! 

Spare yourself this horror by picking out pastel baby shower invitations with spaces for the time, date, location, and name of the Mommy-to-Be. You can also use your invites to announce your shower’s theme, the RSVP information, and registry info.

Here are a few of our favorite pastel baby shower invitations:

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Decoration Ideas

When planning a pastel baby shower, the first thing to consider is your color scheme. If you want to choose a traditional gender color palette, you can choose pastel pink for a girl and powder blue for a boy. 

For a pastel pink palette, you can supplement your color palette with white, buttery yellow, and hot pink. Neutrals like brown and a splash of black can add a modern touch.

Pair your blue palette with light yellows and pastel greens. You can also mix in faint touches of more bold colors for contrast.

And for gender-neutral or surprise gender color palettes, go with shades of yellow, lavender, white, and green. Finally, you can glam it with gold, silver, peach, and neutral white shades. 

Use this color scheme throughout your decor, with the balloons, banner, napkins, centerpieces, and even your shower cake, invitations, and party games. 

Here are a few of our favorite pastel baby shower decorations:

Party Favor Ideas

Party favors are a great way for the baby shower host and the Mom-to-Be to show their thanks to the guests who came to celebrate the big day. 

Some popular party favors that you can use for baby showers include:

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Final Thoughts

Pastel-themed baby showers are popular because the soft, pale colors are soothing yet vibrant. You can combine a pastel color palette with other baby shower themes or limit your design to the color palette. We’ve given you different ways to throw a pastel-themed bay shower.

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