15 Fun and Easy Baby Shower Activities for Kids of All Ages

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Whether you’re an expectant parent or planning a baby shower for a friend or family member, you’re likely looking for ways to ensure everyone at the party – including the youngest attendees – will have a delightful time. Baby showers are beautiful occasions full of joy, love, and celebration for the upcoming arrival.

 These events can offer kids an exciting opportunity to understand more about babies and participate in the happiness surrounding the new family member. 

However, to truly engage kids and tweens and make the event memorable, we need to give them more than just a slice of cake and a party hat.

Children, though, can often find traditional baby shower games tedious or difficult to understand. Ever watched a four-year-old trying to guess the size of a pregnant belly or look at baby pictures to guess who it is? You can see the confusion written all over their faces. 

While these games are fun for adults, they can leave kids feeling left out, bored, and, in some instances, they might resort to finding their own (and possibly, disruptive) ways to have fun.

Incorporating age-appropriate, fun, and engaging activities is important to make a baby shower enjoyable for kids. This is not just about keeping them occupied; it’s about making them feel a part of the celebration, educating them about the concept of welcoming a new baby, and fostering a warm, inclusive environment.

 In this blog post, we’ll cover various captivating baby shower activities for kids across different age groups. From craft stations to scavenger hunts, these activities will keep them entertained, involved, and cherishing every moment of the baby shower!

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Baby Shower Activities for Younger Kids (Ages 2-5) 

As we plan a baby shower, our youngest guests, ages 2-5, deserve to be given special attention. 

With their boundless energy and curious minds, this age group can find joy in the simplest activities, provided they’re engaging and age-appropriate. The aim is not just to keep them occupied but to ensure they’re having fun, learning, and truly feeling a part of the celebration

In this section, we’ll explore some fun and creative baby shower activities specifically designed for our younger attendees. From colorful craft stations to mesmerizing story corners and playful puppet shows, these activities will make the baby shower a memorable event for these little ones.

Coloring and Craft Stations

Description and organization tips: Create a kids’ corner with coloring books, crayons, markers, and craft supplies. Choose coloring pages and crafts that align with your baby shower theme. For instance, provide animal coloring pages and animal mask crafts for an animal-themed shower. Make sure the table and chairs are kid-sized and there’s plenty of room for everyone. Safety scissors, washable markers, and non-toxic glue should be used to ensure the area is safe for the little ones.

Benefits of this activity: Coloring and crafting can give younger kids a fun, creative outlet. It helps improve their motor skills, encourages creativity, and keeps them engaged for extended periods. Their creations can be taken home as party favors or given to expectant parents as keepsakes!

Tip: Amazon has premade packages like these that come with themed coloring books and coloring pencils.

Storytime Corner

Choosing the right stories: Select a few age-appropriate, baby-themed stories for this activity. Some favorites could include “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” “Guess How Much I Love You,” or “I’m a Big Brother/Sister” books. Also, incorporating books that the new baby will have in their library allows the kids to feel connected to the baby.

Making it interactive: To keep the children’s attention, try making storytime interactive. Use different voices for characters, ask questions related to the story, and encourage kids to join in on repetitive phrases or sound effects. Adding props or puppets related to the story can also make it more engaging.

Puppet Show

Hiring a local puppeteer or DIY options: Depending on your budget and resources, you can hire a local puppeteer to put on a show, or you can create a DIY puppet show. If you choose to go the DIY route, simple sock puppets will work just fine. Recruit a willing friend or family member to help run the show.

Connection to the baby theme: You can choose a baby-related puppet show story, such as a tale about a family expecting a new baby. This can help children understand more about the occasion and create excitement about the new arrival. Remember to keep the story light, fun, and easy for the little ones to follow.

Role-Playing Area with Baby Dolls

Setting up the area: For a role-playing activity, dedicate a corner of your baby shower venue for this purpose. Provide baby dolls and miniature versions of items a baby might use, like strollers, baby bottles, diapers, and a variety of baby clothes. Dress-up clothes for the children can also add to the fun—think mini doctor’s coats for a ‘baby doctor’ game, or mom-and-dad outfits for ‘parenting’ play.

Engaging with the baby dolls: Guide the kids on how to properly hold and care for the dolls to mimic the care a real baby requires. This could include changing the doll’s diaper, dressing the doll, or even pretend feeding. You could also suggest scenarios for the kids to act out, like taking the baby for a walk in the park or putting the baby to sleep.

Benefits of this activity: Role-play with baby dolls is not only fun but also educational for young children. It helps them understand the concept of nurturing and empathy and introduces them to the idea of a new baby in a tangible way. It’s also a fantastic way for them to develop their imagination and social skills as they engage with each other in the role-play area. The little ones will not just enjoy the play, they will also get to learn some basic responsibilities associated with taking care of a baby, thus preparing them for their roles as older siblings or young relatives.

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Baby Shower Activities for Kids Aged 6-9

The joy and excitement of a baby shower can take a whole new dimension when you’ve got children aged 6-9 participating. With their growing independence and creativity, this age group is eager to take on tasks that are a bit more challenging yet still heaps of fun. The goal is to provide them with activities that stimulate their creativity, challenge their thinking, and make them feel an integral part of the celebration.

Let’s explore some baby shower activities that perfectly cater to this age group’s energy, curiosity, and desire to create.

Scavenger Hunt

Planning the hunt: Create a scavenger hunt around your baby shower venue. The search could involve finding baby-related items like diapers, baby clothes, or bibs. Alternatively, you can hide small, kid-friendly objects like toy pacifiers, rubber ducks, or toy baby bottles. Provide each child with a checklist of the items they need to find.

Baby shower-themed clues: To add a fun twist, use baby shower-themed clues. For example, a clue for finding a toy pacifier might be, “I help keep the baby calm and quiet, but I’m not a toy they can push or pull!” This way, you’re not just keeping the kids engaged but also teaching them about baby essentials in a fun way!

DIY Baby Onesie

Setup and materials needed: This activity will need plain white onesies, fabric markers or paint, and perhaps stencils for the kids to trace. Make sure to protect the work area with newspaper or plastic table covers to catch any spills. Amazon also has kits available that have everything you need!

Making it a fun and creative process: Encourage each child to design a onesie for the baby. They could draw pictures, write sweet messages, or even imprint their handprints. This activity allows kids to contribute something personal and heartfelt for the new baby. Plus, it leaves the parents-to-be with beautiful keepsakes!

Baby-Themed Pictionary or Charades

How to create age-appropriate clues: Write down or print out baby-related words or phrases on cards. For example, “diaper change,” “bottle feeding,” “lullaby,” “stroller,” etc. Make sure the words or phrases are familiar to the children.

Benefits of these games: Pictionary and Charades are great for fostering teamwork and improving communication skills. They can also provide a lot of laughs and create some of the event’s most memorable moments. By sticking to a baby theme, you keep the games relevant to the occasion and provide a playful learning experience about baby care.

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Baby Shower Activities for Tweens (Ages 10-12) 

As we continue exploring age-appropriate baby shower activities, let’s focus on the preteens, those attendees aged 10-12.

 With their more sophisticated understanding of the world, this age group can be wonderfully engaged with activities that challenge their intellect, ignite their creativity, and incorporate their favorite things. You might even see some of the traditional baby shower activities might even interest them! Or, if you have a group that likes to help, you could get kids this age to help with some shower activities.

 Here are some enjoyable and stimulating baby shower activities that are sure to be a hit with the preteens.

Baby Shower Trivia Quiz

Creating interesting and age-appropriate questions: Craft a trivia quiz filled with interesting, baby-related questions. These could include facts about babies in general or queries related to baby care. For instance, “What is the average weight of a newborn baby?” or “What kind of food should a baby start with?”

Incorporating educational aspects: The trivia quiz can be a fun way to educate preteens about babies and their needs. After each question, you can provide a brief explanation to ensure they understand the answer, thus turning the game into a fun learning session.

Design a Baby Book

Necessary supplies: For this activity, you’ll need blank booklets, markers, stickers, colored pencils, and any other decorating supplies that the kids can use to make their designs.

Encouraging creativity and personal touches: Invite each preteen to design a baby book that the newborn could one day use. They could draw pictures, write messages or wishes for the baby, or even compose a short story. This allows them to make something heartfelt and personalized for the new arrival.

Cupcake Decorating Station

Preparation and safety considerations: Set up a station with pre-baked cupcakes, various colors of icing, sprinkles, and other safe edible decorations. Ensure the area is well supervised, particularly if potential allergy-inducing ingredients are around.

Making it fun and tasty: Let the preteens’ creativity run wild as they decorate their cupcakes. You can turn it into a mini competition, where the most creatively decorated cupcake wins a prize. Besides being a fun activity, it provides a tasty treat for the participants.

Tying in a classic baby shower game but with something age-appropriate: In this game, the preteens have to identify popular cartoon characters from their baby pictures. You can print out images of characters like Baby Yoda, the Rugrats, or Baby Looney Tunes, and have the kids guess who they are.

Making it fun for kids and easy to guess: Ensure the characters chosen are popular and familiar to the preteens. This will make the game more engaging and enjoyable for them. It also adds a unique twist to the traditional baby shower game of guessing baby pictures, making it more relevant and fun for older kids.

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Helpful Tips for Managing Kids’ Activities at a Baby Shower 

Organizing kids’ activities at a baby shower can be a challenging yet incredibly rewarding task. Ensuring the little ones have a fantastic time while maintaining a relaxed and joyful atmosphere requires careful planning and execution. Here are ten helpful tips to guide you in managing kids’ activities at your next baby shower event:

Keeps Kids Supervised

While giving children space to explore and enjoy activities is important, proper supervision is vital to ensuring their safety and preventing any mishaps. Assign an adult or older teenager to watch the kids, especially during activities involving smaller objects or crafting materials.

Keeping a Calm and Controlled Environment

While kids’ laughter and excited chatter can add to the joyous atmosphere, it’s important to maintain a calm and controlled environment. Establish clear guidelines for the children, such as respecting each other’s space, using indoor voices, and cleaning up after themselves.

Make Sure All Kids Are Included and Having Fun

Pay attention to the dynamics among the children and make sure every child is included and enjoying the activities. Consider age-appropriate games that everyone can participate in, and try to pair up shy children with more outgoing ones to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

Consider Hiring a Babysitter or Having Older Kids Help

Hiring a professional babysitter or asking older kids to help can significantly ease the management of kids’ activities. They can help supervise and guide the younger kids in their tasks and ensure the activities run smoothly.

Plan Age-Appropriate Activities

Ensure the games and activities are suitable for the kids’ ages. Younger kids may enjoy simple crafts or pretend play, while older kids might prefer more challenging games or creative tasks.

Set Up Kid-Friendly Spaces

Create spaces that are inviting and safe for kids. This might mean setting up tables at their height, providing comfortable seating, or making sure there’s plenty of open space for games.

Keeping Refreshments on Hand

Kids can get hungry with all the playing and excitement. Have readily available snacks and drinks and ensure they are kid-friendly and allergen-free.

Rotation of Activities

Keep the kids engaged by switching up the activities every so often. This will prevent boredom and keep the energy levels high.

Preparation for Mess

Where kids and crafts or food are involved, messes are bound to happen. Prepare for this by laying down tablecloths or mats and keeping cleaning supplies on hand.

Keeping a Flexible Schedule

While having a plan is good, be prepared to be flexible. If the kids are particularly enjoying an activity, let it run longer. If another isn’t as popular as you thought it would be, it’s okay to switch it out for something else. The goal is to ensure the kids are happy and engaged.

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Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our discussion on baby shower activities for kids of all ages, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is to create a warm, inclusive, and joyous event that celebrates the upcoming arrival of a new baby. Whether it’s through crafts, games, storytelling, or even a bit of yummy cupcake decorating, ensuring the children at your event are engaged, entertained, and educated makes for a more fulfilling and memorable occasion. 

Each activity, from the most straightforward coloring task to a more challenging trivia quiz, helps bridge the gap between adults and children, making the baby shower a truly family-friendly event. 

Remember, these activities keep the kids occupied and create wonderful memories, strengthen bonds, and provide a deeper connection to the newest family member’s arrival.


How do you plan a baby shower for kids? 

When planning a baby shower for kids, ensure to include age-appropriate activities, designate a kid-friendly area, and provide child-friendly food and drinks. Also, consider having a dedicated supervisor for the children’s activities.

Can kids go to a baby shower?

Yes, children can attend baby showers, although this depends on the hosts’ preferences. Always confirm with the hosts if kids are welcome and if suitable activities and food will be available.

What is the 5 second rule game baby shower?

The 5-second rule game for a baby shower involves naming three items related to a baby-themed category within five seconds, such as naming three items found in a diaper bag.

How do you make a baby shower not boring?

To keep a baby shower exciting, plan diverse activities, provide an engaging theme, incorporate interactive elements, and ensure a good balance of structured activities and free time for guests to mingle.

How do you include older siblings in a baby shower?

Including older siblings in a baby shower can be achieved by assigning them specific roles such as helping with games or tasks, or even preparing a special performance or speech. Additionally, plan activities that are age-appropriate for them, so they feel actively engaged and part of the celebration.

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