37 of the Best Foods to Serve at a Baby Shower

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We all know that baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new family member, but they can also be stressful to plan. 

A lot goes into planning a big event, and you want everything to go perfectly. If you’re not prepared, your guests might leave hungry or thirsty!

To make sure everyone has a good time at your next baby shower, we’ve put together some food and drink tips that will help keep things running smoothly.

In this article, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to putting together the perfect baby shower menu, what foods to serve (and to avoid!), and some of our favorite baby shower recipes.

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Tips for Planning a Baby Shower Menu

Finger Foods are always a great idea – We especially love serving finger foods at baby showers because they’re easy for guests to grab and eat, and don’t make a mess!

Stick to Tried and True Recipes – A baby shower isn’t a great time to try a new recipe. Stay with what works and serve guests food they will love!

If you do want to try a new recipe, do a practice batch a week or so before the event.

Be Mindful of Food Allergies – Some guests might have food allergies or dietary restrictions, so keep them in mind when you’re planning the menu.

You don’t need to make every dish custom for them, but it’s a good idea to have a few options available so they don’t feel left out.

Keep it Pregnancy Friendly – there are many food restrictions that pregnant women have – like no raw fish (or sushi), no deli meat, etc.

It’s always a good idea to keep that in mind when you’re planning the menu for your baby shower and make sure there is plenty of food the mom-to-be can eat!

Don’t Overcrowd the Buffet Table – Make sure there is enough room in between dishes and that it’s a neat and appealing display, with enough food for everyone to get seconds!

To make extra room, you could keep plates, silverware, and napkins on a separate table.

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Label Foods – Some guests might be unfamiliar with the foods your serving. Make a little label to put in front of each dish so guests know what everything is. We love these cute food label displays!

Consider a Potluck – If you’re looking to save some money, consider asking guests to bring a dish with them to share with the group. This is a great option for large families and people who have special dietary requirements.

Just make sure to ask them what they’ll be bringing in advance so that you can plan the rest of the menu around it.

Have Drinks at a Separate Area – Keep drinks separate from the food, so it doesn’t create a bottleneck around the food table.

You could also have drinks on a separate table or pour them into cups and let guests serve themselves.

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Keep the Party Going – If you’re serving food buffet-style, keep a platter of cut fruit in an available bowl for guests to snack on later if they need some more energy after eating!

Serve Water at All Times – In addition to other refreshments, make sure you always have water available for guests at all times. You could do regular water or even make it fancy and offer some infused waters or sparkling water!

Variety of Food – Offer a variety of food so guests have options. We like to have:

Protein option – like a cheese platter, little sandwiches, or meatballs

Vegetable option – Veggies and dip are a great option!

Snacks – Chips, pretzels, and other little grab-and-go snacks that guests can pick on. You could also have some dips!

Carbs – we love starch and carb options like bread baskets, rolls with butter, or pasta salad.

Drinks – water and other refreshments to serve with the food (or even some bubbly!)

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help – If you need any help with the baby shower food, don’t be afraid to ask. Most guests will be eager to pitch in and help you out if needed!

If you’re planning a large party, you could also cater some of the foods as well.

How to Set Up Baby Shower Food

Depending on your menu, there are a few ways to set up your baby shower food. You can either set up a buffet or make enough platters to be passed around. A few of our favorites are:

Long Tables – we love using long tables for buffet spreads. Our favorites to use are 5-6 foot long tables. 

Separate Table for Drinks – Keep drinks in a separate area (like a different table or bar) so guests have easy access to them and it doesn’t crowd the food area.

Buffet vs. Plated – Which is Better?

One decision you’ll have to make when planning a baby shower is whether you want food to be served buffet style or plated.

If you’re hosting a baby shower at home, we prefer to offer a food buffet style. Some guests will still want to be served, but most guests will be happy just grabbing food when they’re hungry.

Guests can also mix and mingle while they nibble on food!

If you’re hosting a baby shower at a restaurant or event center, we recommend plating up the food for each guest. It’s cleaner and more professional, as well as avoids long lines.

You’ll usually have a time limit at a restaurant or event center, so you want to make sure you have enough time to eat, play games and open gifts.

How Much Food Should I Have?

Generally, you should offer a few different food options for guests. We like to offer:

Small group (3-5 guests): 3 small appetizers, some snacks

Medium group (6-12 guests) 5 appetizers and snacks

Large group (13+ guests): 7-8 appetizers and snacks

Baby Shower Food Ideas

Best Baby Shower Food Recipes

A collection of our favorite baby shower appetizer recipes

Baby Shower Desserts

Best Baby Shower Dessert Recipes

Here are our favorite dessert recipes that are perfect for a baby shower

Foods to Avoid Serving

While most foods are good options for a baby shower, there are also some foods you may want to avoid.

You don’t want to serve anything that will make people sick, so it’s always a good idea to check the list of foods you should avoid while pregnant.

Common Foods to Avoid While Pregnant:

Fish and Seafood – you shouldn’t eat raw fish or undercooked seafood (sushi, ceviche, etc.) because they can contain parasites that can make you sick. Make sure to cook seafood well before serving.

Unpasteurized Food – unpasteurized food (like juices and milk) could have bacteria which is dangerous to eat during pregnancy, so stick with pasteurized options.

Raw/Rare Meat – Especially avoid raw or rare meat because they can carry a type of bacteria called listeria which can harm your baby.

Pate – Pate can contain listeria, so it’s best to avoid it while pregnant.

If you want to serve pate at a baby shower, make sure to heat it up until steaming before serving, so the heat kills any bacteria.

Raw/Undercooked Eggs – Make sure to cook eggs thoroughly before serving.

Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables – You should always wash fruits and vegetables before eating them so that they don’t contain harmful bacteria or dirt.

Deli Meats – This is another tricky food because deli meats are usually served cold or at room temperature, but you want to be careful about eating deli meats during pregnancy.

If you do choose to serve them, make sure to heat them until steaming so they’re safe to eat.

Final Thoughts

With a little planning, you can easily throw a baby shower and make sure everyone is happy and well-fed!

We hope these tips and recipes help you throw an amazing baby shower!

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