The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Sip and See Party

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A sip and see is a baby shower alternative that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Rather than having a baby shower before the baby is born, a Sip and See is held after the baby is born. This allows friends and family to meet the new addition and see how much the parents have changed since becoming parents! 

A sip and see can be less stressful for the parents than a traditional baby shower. For one, there is no need to worry about entertaining or feeding a large group of people. Secondly, there is no need to worry about gifts!

With a sip and see, guests can simply bring a card or small gift if they wish, but there is no expectation for presents. 

If you are considering throwing a sip and see for a friend or family member, read on for all the information you need to know!

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What is a Sip and See?

A sip and see is a party held after the baby is born. The purpose of a sip and see is to allow friends and family to meet the new baby and see how much the parents have changed since becoming parents! 

It’s unclear where Sip and Sees originated from, but it’s believed they started in North America amongst southern belles. In recent years, sip and sees have gained popularity amongst celebrities, with many of them sharing photos of their own events on social media.

Sip and Sees are especially becoming popular among parents that are having their second or third baby, instead of having a Sprinkle Baby Shower.

Parents often feel Sip and Sees are less gift-focused, making it more relaxed for everyone involved.

Sip and See vs. Baby Shower

A sip and see is similar to a baby shower in that it is a party held to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. However, there are some key differences between the two events. 

The most obvious difference is that a baby shower is held before the baby is born, while a sip and see is held after the baby is born. This allows guests to actually meet the baby and see how much the parents have changed since becoming parents! 

Another key difference is that a sip and see can be less gift-focused than a traditional baby shower. With a sip and see, guests can simply bring a card or small gift if they wish, but there is no expectation for presents.

However, some guests may want to bring gifts so we do recommend having your baby registry updated just in case!

Traditional baby showers also typically have games whereas Sip and Sees tend to be more of an open house. This allows guests to come and go as they please, making it more convenient for everyone involved.

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Why Do Parents Have a Sip and See?

There are a few reasons why parents might choose to have a sip and see instead of a traditional baby shower. 

The most obvious reason is that it allows guests to actually meet the baby! This can be especially important for grandparents or other family members that live far away. 

Another reason parents choose to have a Sip and See over a baby shower is that it may be more comfortable for mom. Baby showers can be a lot of work for the parents (especially mom!) and can be quite overwhelming, especially when pregnant. Some moms (myself included!) prefer to have a Sip and See after baby’s birth.

Where and When to Host One

A Sip and See can be held at any location, but it is typically hosted at the parents’ home. This makes it more convenient for guests as they can come and go as they please! Sip and See generally tend to be more open house style instead of a structured party like baby showers or a sprinkle.

As for when to host a sip and see, this will depend on the parents’ preference. Some parents like to wait until they are settled at home with baby and have recovered from childbirth. Other parents may want to have the sip and see sooner so that guests can meet the baby while they are still small! Ultimately, it is up to the parents to decide when they feel comfortable hosting a party. The most common time to have one is usually within 1-2 months after baby’s birth.


Sip and See Etiquette

As the name suggests, sipping and seeing are the two main activities at a sip and see party! Refreshments are typically served at these parties, so guests can enjoy some light snacks and drinks while they visit with the new parents and their new baby. Alcoholic beverages are often served at these parties as well, hence the “sip” part of the name. If you do serve alcohol at your party, make sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic options available as well. 

When it comes to food, finger foods are always a good option. This way, guests can nibble on something while they hold the baby or chat with other guests. As for drinks, punch or sangria can be good options if you want to serve something festive!

Finally, it’s important to think about timing when you’re planning your sip and see. These parties are typically held during daylight hours so that older family members can attend. Weekends are usually best so that busy working guests can easily make it to the party. An afternoon party is usually best so that you have time to set up before guests arrive.

Sip & See Theme Ideas

While Sip and Sees tend to be more relaxed, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the party have a theme! Here are a few of our favorite Sip and See themes.

1. Over the Moon

2. Stars and Dreams

3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

4. Welcome Home

5. Sweet dreams

6. Miracle

7. Heaven Sent

8. It’s a small world

9. Wee one

10. Lovebug

11. Bee Theme

12. Donuts and Diapers

We also love the idea of having the party be travel theme (maybe themed after a location the new mom loves?), book theme, or even just a simple color scheme.

Who Hosts a Sip and See Party?

Any close friend or family member can host a Sip and See party, but usually couple hosts their own Sip and See. This is usually easiest for new moms because they have all the gear they need to take care of baby and they don’t have to travel anywhere!


Whether you’re planning a last minute party or have been planning your sip and see for weeks, send out Sip and See invitations as soon as you can! You can use sites like Etsy to find pre-made designs or you can make your own. Be sure to include all of the important details like date, time, location, and RSVP information. You may also want to include registry information if you’re having one.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Sip and See Invitations

Who to Invite

Since a Sip and See is typically a more low-key affair, you may want to keep the guest list on the smaller side. Close family members and friends are usually the best people to invite. If you’re worried about overwhelming mom or dad, you can always have a smaller gathering of loved ones and then host a larger party at a later date.

What to Include

The invitation should have all information that guests will need to know for the event. If you have a gift registry, this is the perfect time to mention it . You may also want to let guests know what kind of refreshments will be served or if the party has a specific theme.


Make sure to include an RSVP card or information on how guests can RSVP for the event. This is important so that you can get a head count for food and drinks. You may also want to include a date that you need guests to RSVP by so that you can make final arrangements.


While gifts are not required, they are often given at Sip and See parties. If you’re registered, this is the perfect time to let guests know where you are registered. You can also include registry information on the invitations. If you’re not registered, you can always include a note letting guests know that their presence is the best gift of all!

Sip and See Wording

Not sure what to say on the invitations? Here are a few examples:

1. Come “sip” some drinks and “see” the new baby!

2. Join us for a Sip and See in honor of (baby’s name)

3. What better way to celebrate than with a party? We’d love for you to come “sip” some drinks and “see” the new baby!

4. Can’t wait to show you our new arrival! Please join us for a Sip and See on (date) at (time).

5. You’re invited to a Sip and See celebrating the newest addition to our family!

6. Please join us for a Sip and See honoring (baby’s name) on (date) at (time).

7. Join us for a special Sip and See as we introduce our new baby to the world!

8. We can’t wait to show you our newest bundle of joy! Join us for a Sip and See on (date) at (time).

9. Come “sip” some refreshments and “see” the new arrival! We’re excited to introduce you to (baby’s name).

Sip and See the Decorations

The decorations for a Sip and See are usually pretty simple since the focus is on the baby. You may want to decorate with some of the baby’s things like a blanket or stuffed animal. Balloons are always a good idea, too! If you have a theme, use that to guide your decoration choices. You could also decorate with baby’s initials, photos of the new parents, or even just simple streamers and balloons.

Here are a few of our favorite decoration ideas:

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What to Serve

While you can serve whatever you’d like at your party, we recommend serving light refreshments. This can be anything from finger foods like finger sandwiches to appetizers to desserts. If you’re not sure what to make, ask a few close friends or family members if they’d be willing to help out with food.

Since Sip and Sees are a celebration to meet the baby so alcoholic drinks are often served. If you choose to do this, we recommend having non-alcoholic drinks available as well. Water, lemonade, and iced tea are always good options.

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Game Ideas and Party Favors

While games are not required, they can be a fun way to entertain guests. If you choose to play games, we recommend more open-ended games like Diaper Raffles, Guess How Many Candies are in a Jar, or scavenger hunts. These games encourage guests to mingle and get to know each other, but also don’t take a lot of time to play.

As for party favors, it’s up to you if you want to hand them out. Since Sip and Sees are generally more laid back, favors and prizes aren’t usually given out. However, if you want to, some ideas include:

– Mini bottles of champagne or wine

– Scented candles

– Soaps or lotions

– Gourmet coffee or tea

– Chocolate covered pretzels

-Mini Hand sanitizer

-Little jars filled with candies

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Sip and See Gift Ideas

If you’re attending a Sip and See but aren’t sure what to bring, we’ve got you covered! Here are some fun ideas for gifts that the new parents are sure to love.

-A gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop

-A basket filled with baby essentials like diapers, wipes, and lotion

-A cute outfit for the baby

-A book about parenting or infancy

-A set of burp cloths

– A monetary gift or gift card to where the family is registered

-Monogrammed bib

-Baby gear like play mats, swings, or bouncers

-A gift certificate for a babysitting service (or you could volunteer your time!)

-A handcrafted item like a blanket or quilt

-Stuffed Animals

Things to Consider

While Sip and Sees are generally low-key affairs, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when planning your party. First, think about the time of day you want to have your party. Sip and Sees are usually held in the afternoon or evening on the weekend so that working guests can still attend.

Next, remember to keep it simple! Simple snacks and drinks are a great idea. Your family and friends will be so excited to see the new baby that there’s no need to go overboard with anything.

Final Thoughts

A Sip and See is a fun alternative party to a traditional baby shower and baby sprinkles that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s a great way for friends and family (and even extended family!) to meet the new baby in a low-key setting.

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