The Top 20 Baby Names That Will Be Everywhere in 2025

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Whether you’re drawn to classic favorites or eager to embrace the latest naming trends, the top 20 baby names for 2025 offer a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Whether you’re expecting a bundle of joy or simply curious about the latest naming trends, here are the top 20 baby names poised to be everywhere in 2025.

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Emma has ancient Germanic roots, meaning “whole” or “universal.” It gained prominence in medieval England and was borne by various European queens and noblewomen, contributing to its enduring popularity. Emma has become a timeless and widely embraced choice, symbolizing historical legacy and contemporary elegance, appealing to parents seeking a classic and universally appreciated name.


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Strong and steadfast, Liam, a shortened version of William, remains a popular choice for boys, embodying tradition and modernity. With its Gaelic origins, Liam carries a sense of heritage and strength, evoking images of rugged landscapes and ancient traditions. Yet, despite its traditional roots, Liam also exudes a contemporary charm, fitting seamlessly into today’s fast-paced world. 


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Originating from Latin, meaning “life” or “bird,” Ava has traversed various cultures and historical periods. It gained prominence in medieval Europe and experienced a resurgence in the early 20th century. Hollywood actress Ava Gardner’s fame in the mid-1900s further popularized the name.


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Noah, at number four on our list of top baby names for 2025, embodies a sense of timeless tradition and strength. With its biblical origins and universal appeal, Noah resonates with a sense of resilience and steadfastness. Parents are drawn to this name for its classic charm and enduring popularity, knowing it will stand the test of time. 


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With its Shakespearean origins, Olivia has stood the test of time, resonating with its timeless elegance. Popularized by celebrities and fictional characters in recent years, this name exudes sophistication and grace. Its gentle sound and classic appeal make it an easy choice for parents. 


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Jackson, meaning “son of Jack,” has historical significance as a surname turned given name. It traces back to medieval England, where it denoted the son of a man named Jack. Over time, it gained prominence in the United States, notably associated with President Andrew Jackson. Its popularity surged in the 20th century, symbolizing a blend of American heritage and presidential influence.


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Sophia, meaning “wisdom” in Greek, has a rich historical significance as a baby name. It has roots in ancient philosophy, reflecting virtues prized by various cultures. In Christianity, Saint Sophia symbolizes wisdom and faith. European royalty, including Russian monarchs, popularized the name. During the Renaissance, the name gained reputation in art and literature. Its historical depth and cross-cultural appeal contribute to its enduring popularity, transcending centuries and regions.


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Aiden, derived from the Irish name Aodhán, has historical significance as it originates from Celtic traditions, meaning “fire” or “fiery one.” In Irish mythology, Aodhán was associated with the Celtic god of sun and fire, representing warmth and vitality. Aiden is a name that resonates with strength and resilience.


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Isabella, with historical significance rooted in European royalty, gained prominence through prominent queens such as Isabella of Castile in Spain and Isabella of France, who married Edward II of England. The name’s popularity swelled further with the 15th-century reign of Isabella I of Castile, a key figure in the unification of Spain.


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With its origins rooted in strength, Ethan is a name that resonates with tradition and modernity. Its simple yet powerful sound conveys a sense of confidence and stability. It’s a no-brainer for parents who want a timeless, strong name for their young boys.  


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Mia, a version of Maria, holds historical significance as it has roots in various cultures. In Latin, it means “mine” or “wished-for child,” signifying endearment. Mia translates to “my” in Italian, emphasizing a personal connection. The name gained prominence in the United States in the mid-20th century. Its simplicity and multicultural appeal contributed to a surge in popularity, making it a modern classic.


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Grayson has gained popularity as a baby name due to its historical association with the Middle English term “gray,” meaning grey-haired or son of a steward. Originally a surname, it signified a position of authority, often denoting the son of a steward responsible for managing a manor. In modern times, Grayson reflects a trend in using surnames as first names.


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With origins steeped in nobility, this name exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a perennial favorite among parents seeking a name of timeless allure. Charlotte evokes images of strength, grace, and poise from literary heroines to modern-day princesses. Its classic sound and timeless appeal make it a beloved choice for future generations. 


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Mason, a steadfast favorite for boys, exudes strength and reliability. Its robust and sturdy sound carries an air of resilience and enduring appeal. Its simplicity lends itself to versatility, fitting seamlessly into various contexts and personalities. 


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Harper, initially a surname denoting a harp player, gained popularity as a baby name due to historical and cultural associations. The name surged in the 2000s, inspired by cultural figures like author Harper Lee, known for “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Its literary and artistic connections and unisex appeal contributed to its rise.


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Lucas, a variant of Luke, carries historical significance rooted in religious and cultural contexts. Derived from the Greek “Loukas,” meaning “from Lucania,” it gained prominence as a name in the New Testament, attributed to the author of the Gospel of Luke. Over centuries, it has been borne by influential figures, contributing to its timeless appeal. 


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Amelia holds historical significance as it traces back to Germanic origins, meaning “work” or “industrious.” It gained popularity in the medieval period across Europe and was notably used by Queen Amelia of Athens. However, its most famous association comes from Amelia Earhart, the pioneering aviator, adding a sense of adventure and empowerment to the name.


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Elijah, a name rooted in biblical significance, is an intelligent choice for religious parents who want a strong name for their sons. Its enduring popularity stems from its association with strength, resilience, and spiritual depth. As a testament to its enduring appeal, Elijah maintains its place as a favored choice among American parents, embodying courage, determination, and grace. 


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Lily holds historical significance as a baby name, symbolizing purity, virtue, and beauty across various cultures. The name gained prominence during the Victorian era, flourishing as a popular floral name and other botanical choices. Its enduring popularity may also be influenced by literary references, such as the character Lily Bart in Edith Wharton’s “The House of Mirth.”


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With its classic appeal and enduring charm, Oliver captivates with its friendly demeanor and approachable nature. Whether it’s the literary association with Oliver Twist or the contemporary coolness of the name, Oliver holds a special place in the hearts of parents seeking a name that is both timeless and trendy. 

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