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40 Adorable Pregnancy Announcement Poems

Pregnancy Announcement poems are perfect for social media, baby shower invitations and more

Here are 40 of our favorite pregnancy announcement poems

Tiny hands, tiny feet,  A heartbeat so incredibly sweet.  Our lives are about to be forever changed,  With a new baby, our love rearranged.

Beneath the moon or under the sun,  Our journey has just begun.  A new life, a little one, We’re expecting a daughter or son!

There’s a bun in the oven, sweet and neat,  Our family story, soon to be complete.  Baby is coming, let the drumbeat,  Echo the joy of this beautiful feat.

A whisper of a heartbeat,  A secret yet untold.  A story to unfold,  Our love in tiny feet retold.

The stork has brought us special news,  Our home will soon have baby shoes!  Hold on for laughter, cries and coos,  A life of joy is what we choose.

Love has decided to take form,  In a baby, gentle and warm.  A heartbeat growing strong,  A melody to our life’s song.

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