The Best Time to Have a Baby Shower

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When is the best time for a baby shower? This is one of the most common questions that people have when they are trying to plan their baby shower. Generally, the best time to have a baby shower is late into your second trimester or early third trimester. This tends to be a sweet spot because you’re showing and are still able to be active and enjoy yourself without feeling too tired.

However, this isn’t a firm rule and can vary depending on a few things. In this blog post, we will talk about 3 things to consider so you can choose the best time for you to have a baby shower based on your own personal situation.

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The Number of Weeks You’re Along

If you are still in your first trimester, it may be too early to decide when to have a baby shower. This is because there can be so many changes during this time that it might not make sense to plan the event now. On the other hand, if you’re late into your third trimester and are feeling ready for labor at any moment it might be a little too late to have a baby shower (plus you may be super uncomfortable!).

From experience, my favorite time to have baby shower is around 22-26 weeks. I feel like at this point you’re able to show off your baby bump and have a shower with some fun games for the guests, but it’s not too late in the pregnancy where all of the sudden things might be uncomfortable or people are asking when you’ll give birth. You’ll also know the baby’s gender so you’ll be able to add on gender-specific gear to your registry!

Special Dates

Another thing to consider are special dates and holidays. Many family members and friends might already have plans if you plan a baby shower around the time of a major holiday or special event. For example, if you’re planning for a Christmas-time baby shower the month of December is booked due to family obligations, partiesd and errands. So it may make sense to plan a baby shower in October or November (or even early December) instead.

Gender Scan

Some people like to make their baby registries have gender-specific items, so waiting until after your gender scan to have a baby shower might be a good idea. Gender scans generally happen around weeks 18-20 so a shower planned any time after that would be a good idea!


In conclusion, there is no magic answer to the question of when you should have your baby shower. The best thing to do is plan it based on your own personal situation and needs! Some women prefer to have their baby showers in their second trimester as they’ll be showing but also can still participate comfortably, but ultimately it’s up to you and what timing works best!

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  1. You rightly said that we should take care of special dates and holidays before organizing any event. During my baby shower, many guests couldn’t come due to their other plans. Will take care of this during his mundan ceremony, a ritual performed in India for child mental and physical well-being.

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